George’s Diner


The George’s Diner (3536 Hillsborough Rd) parking lot was packed at lunchtime last Friday.  With a steady stream of diners & takeout customers, George’s Diner is definitely open for business.  The kitchen was serving from eight of the menu’s nine pages (pasta & sautées to come soon, maybe even by the time this review gets posted).  The wireless and the milkshake machine are expected to be operational this week.

The grilled cheese + BLT fixings (see the menu item entitled “The Happy Waitress”) contained loads of crispy bacon and was served up quick.  The baklava was flaky with just enough honey.  I will return to eat a meal from the Greek Food section of the menu.  The owners are Greek and the Hillsborough Road George’s is the first location.
The decorations include a lunch counter, jukebox and pictures of Hollywood legends on the walls & tables.  Not much on the website, but it does tell you what you need to know: George’s Diner is open 24 hours serving Home Style cooked meals.


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Top Dog: Hot Dogs on Chapel Hill St.


Don’s Dogs (formerly located on the corner of Buchanan Blvd./Chapel Hill St.) was demolished to make way for the Emily Krzyzewski Center.  Durham hot dog enthusiasts, I think, took this loss kind of badly.  The dogs were awesome and scoring a meal there with only some change in your pocket felt pretty good.  Happy days are here again, however, and hotdogs are now being served fresh in that same Durham neighborhood.  This Sabrett’s stand called Top Dog parks on Chapel Hill St., corner of Gattis St., one block west of Buchanan Blvd.


At Top Dog, $2 buys a meal: hotdog or sausage, a bag of chips and a soda.  A single dog is $1.  I’ve tried the dog and the sausage and think the hotdog is going to be my usual.  Getting chili (for no extra charge) on top is recommended.  Top Dog is open for business M-F (sometimes Sat.) for lunch and dinner, but closes up earlier at 4:30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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Home Plate

Home Plate (3327 Holloway Street) is fun.  This east Durham restaurant specializes in southern cooking served up cafeteria style.  You can check the daily specials in advance on the restaurant’s website.  Every day Home Plate serves main course items including Fried Chicken, Brunswick Stew, Chopped BBQ and Fried Trout and adds a couple daily specials.  Same goes for Home Plate’s sides repertoire: a core lineup with a few alternates rotated on a daily basis.  I went on a Sunday because the specials roster included the killer combo of pork chops and fried apples.


I liked my chop.  Gigantic, crunchy and greasy on the outside, and cooked well done on the inside.  Fried apples were served warm, which I enjoyed.  The mac & cheese had big hunks of cheese.  Banana pudding was very good. 

The Sunday lunch crowd is quite a scene—check it out! 

Home Plate: 3327 Holloway Street (corner of Hwy98 and Clayton Road)
Monday-Friday 11am-8pm
Saturday 11am-6pm
Sunday 11am-2pm

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Tier’s Grill :)

Tier’s Grill won me over for sure.  Tier’s (601 W. Chapel Hill St.) opened September 12 in the grill space at the gas station on the corner of Chapel Hill St. and Gregson (across from the Police Station).

I was walking along Chapel Hill Street towards downtown and saw a smiley-faced Tier’s Grill sign announcing breakfast and lunch.  I’ve gone to the grill at this location during various proprietors’ runs and was curious to see what was going on with Tier’s.

My take on what is going on at Tier’s Grill is that the food is served up quick and as you like it.  The folks running the grill know what they are doing and have a nice touch with both customer service and making food.  I hope Tier’s lasts a good long while.

The burgers at Tier’s are delicious and cost $2.  The red hots have an easygoing kick and are nicely prepared (and also cost $2).  First I went to Tier’s for a snack, and then later that same day I went back for a feast.  Round one: one cheeseburger with the works (onion, tomato + condiments). Round two: one hamburger with fat back and the works, a red hot (plain) and a side of pig’s feet.  I liked all of the food I ordered a whole lot.

Tier’s “Breakfast on Toast” (from seven choices) is available from 8-11am.  Lunch starts at 11am and the grill closes at 7pm on weekdays and 5pm on weekends.  I will return to Tier’s to try the Lunch Plate–at $5.50, it includes 1 meat (from eight choices) and 2 veggies (from eight choices).

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