Coleman’s Catering


Coleman’s (later known as Thompson’s) used to be a free-standing restaurant that was a favorite of ours.  The owner, a really friendly guy, has now leased that space out and operates out of this trailer, which parks at the intersection of Riddle Rd and Hwy 55, Wednesday through Saturday.  

The mobile version of Coleman’s has a much-reduced menu but the quality has not gone down at all.  When we went by, they were offering fish, chicken, and pork chops (all fried).  I’m not sure if the selection changes from day to day.  We got pork and chicken “sandwiches.”


Both were delicious.  Their batter is on the thicker side, and extremely crispy and flavorful, with a bit of spiciness.  Both meats were also wonderfully juicy.  The bread was a much-needed way to sop up some greasiness and allow us to eat the fresh-from-the-fryer meat when it was still too hot to handle.  The sandwiches were a delicious deal at $3 each.


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Taqueria Lopez Truck

You might have thought (hoped?) that we were done with tacos for a while.  But no, somehow we are not sick of them.

There’s a new truck parked outside of the Sabor Latino club (4527 N. Roxboro Rd)–now it’s Taqueria Lopez truck #3. (Are there really 3 of them?)


This truck offered quite a few meat options in their tacos, including some of the ones you don’t always see.  We got four: carnitas, al pastor, asada, and campechano (which is chorizo and suadero (brisket)). They got them all out to us disconcertingly quickly.  You might have noticed that our fave truck, Benito’s, always has a line–and it’s in part because he refuses to precook any of the meat.  We were also disappointed that our car did not fill up with the thick, wonderful taco aroma that it often gets in the short drive between truck and house.

Still, the tacos weren’t bad.


The al pastor was an especially pleasant surprise because it actually included a discernable number of pineapple chunks, unlike many of the ones I’ve had around here.  The campechano was an interesting combo of meats that I hadn’t tried before, and I definitely liked them together (though the chorizo was bordering on too salty for me, something I almost never say).  The asada was just ok, and we agreed that the carnitas were somehow a bit odd, but couldn’t pinpoint exactly why.  We were only given one salsa, a green one, and it was nice and spicy.

I’m not sure whether the Lopez truck has permanently replaced Benito’s (Sabor Latino) truck, which used to park outside this club, but I think in the future I’ll seek him out instead.  I’m not sure if he has a new regular spot (though I know he’s been going to Third Fridays at Golden Belt and sometimes to Pinhook), but he’s sure worth trolling the streets for.

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Los Migueleños rolls …

… with its own truck parked right outside their restaurant (which appears to have been converted into more of a nightlife spot) at 3316 Guess Rd.  I didn’t get a good look, so I definitely might be wrong, but it seems like it has expanded into the space formerly occupied by Bull City Bakery.


The truck only had tacos when I went, but the menu says they will have pupusas and some other treats.  As far as I know, this will be the only place to get pupusas from a truck in Durham.  The tacos were good, but on the expensive side ($2/each).


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North Durham taco truck invasion!

North Duham has taco trucks!

The newest truck was spotted outside of El Fantasia Sports Bar (105 Infinity Rd), formerly PK’s Billiards


I sampled both a pastor and asada taco.  Both were good, but a bit dry and ultimately nothing special.  The salsa was nice and spicy, but was in a squirt bottle and I didn’t put enough on.


The second truck is located outside of the popular club Sabor Latino (4527 N. Roxboro Rd).


Same order here, but these tacos were fantastic.  My only criticism is that they were a bit greasy, but the wonderful flavor of both meats might make this my favorite taco truck in Durham.  I can’t wait to go back for a torta.


All tacos were $2 each.

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Top Dog: Hot Dogs on Chapel Hill St.


Don’s Dogs (formerly located on the corner of Buchanan Blvd./Chapel Hill St.) was demolished to make way for the Emily Krzyzewski Center.  Durham hot dog enthusiasts, I think, took this loss kind of badly.  The dogs were awesome and scoring a meal there with only some change in your pocket felt pretty good.  Happy days are here again, however, and hotdogs are now being served fresh in that same Durham neighborhood.  This Sabrett’s stand called Top Dog parks on Chapel Hill St., corner of Gattis St., one block west of Buchanan Blvd.


At Top Dog, $2 buys a meal: hotdog or sausage, a bag of chips and a soda.  A single dog is $1.  I’ve tried the dog and the sausage and think the hotdog is going to be my usual.  Getting chili (for no extra charge) on top is recommended.  Top Dog is open for business M-F (sometimes Sat.) for lunch and dinner, but closes up earlier at 4:30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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