Snikroc Farm: Soft Serve Ice Cream


A helpful reader alerted us to this ice cream stand, which was very useful because it’s not the kind of place we otherwise would have happened upon.  It is out on Hwy 98, close to Wake County (5220 Wake Forest Hwy), but definitely worth the trip.


First and foremost, this place is cute.  I recommend taking a date here; anyone who doesn’t have a heart of stone would have to fall for the country setting, friendly man in a cheerful little booth, and picnic table area for eating.


To top it off, the ice cream is also delicious.  They have chocolate, vanilla, or swirl, and a variety of toppings.  We got a small with strawberries, whipped cream and cherries (he gave us two because he guessed we’d be sharing–aw!)  for $2.25.  As soon as blueberries from the adjacent farm are ripe, they’ll be available as a topping as well.

The stand is only open during the summer, and only in the evening (4 – 9:30pm Sat, weekdays 6:30 – 9:30pm).  You can pick your own blueberries as well, starting in late June.

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  1. Looks great.

    On a related topic, has anyone been to Penguins Sno Kones on Hwy 401 in Raleigh or Garner? I read about this on chownound where it (and Hills of Snow in Smithfield) were highly recommended.

  2. The name was wrong on chowhound – it’s Pelican’s SnoBalls – New Orleans Style Shaved Ice located at 5715 fayettevile Rd. (Hwy 401) in Raleigh at 401 Par Golf. Thye also have locations in North Raleigh and Apex, and a website at

  3. That last photo is simply beautiful.

  4. so, based on this post, we decided to take a nice drive out to the country after dinner last night and check this place out. it was great! there are way more toppings than are listed on the little board, so look in the back of the little truck to see what other stuff they’ve got going on back there.

    i got vanilla with blueberries and at the urging of the man in the stand, the homemade blueberry syrup! i was skeptical about the syrup since my experience with fruit syrups is mostly based on store-bought strawberry syrup which tastes like cough medicine but boy-o was that syrup amazing. since i wanted a cone, he made a little well inside the ice cream for the blueberries and syrup and even covered it up with a little extra dollop of ice cream. it was great!

    unfortunately my ice cream partner requested chocolate and caramel syrup and the same well technology didn’t work so…well. in short, the sides of the well were not structurally sound enough to contain a chocolate/caramel magma center and when a leak was sprung, there was no going back. he ended up with hands covered in caramel and chocolate.

    but we’re going to go back sometime soon and think more carefully about our toppings! btw, i was surprised at how many people stopped by. by the time we were leaving, a line of around ten people had formed! so uh good job carpe durham 😉

  5. I learned of this cute place on the local city data forum. When we visited the guy in the trailer asked us to spread the word so I alerted carpe durham. Thanks so much for going and reviewing it and sharing it with your readers! Glad to hear people are checking it out and finding it as fun and tasty as we did! On a side note, the name of the place is their last name spelled backwards!

  6. Thanks for the reminder. Also, when I was there a couple of years ago, the family also had a U-pick organic blueberry farm. Do they still?

  7. Oops. I see you mentioned it at the end. That’s good to know. Thanks.

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