Local Yogurt: The kids call it LoYo


Local Yogurt (2501 University Dr) is the new dessert place on the Durham scene.  It’s cute, light-hearted and kid friendly (they get free sprinkles), but the best part for me was that the yogurt tasted like actual yogurt!  The plain flavor was slightly, but surprisingly, tart, and not too sweet.  The mango flavor (they rotate three flavors other than plain) was a bit sweeter without losing that yogurty tang.  

The extensive topping choices are also a plus.  They have a bunch of the traditional options (M&Ms, several candy bars, and of course sprinkles) a few types of cereal (fruity pebbles, Cap’n Crunch), some that change with the season (fresh strawberries right now) and, my favorite, at least one salty option (I got the potato chips).  Yum!  


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  1. Potato chips on frozen yogurt almost sounds bizarre enough to be worth trying. Hmm!

  2. […] Dr. near Thai Cafe), has arrived in the Bull City. Carpe Durham (they’ve dubbed it LoYo) reports that the yogurt shop, which offers a plain, has a bevvy of toppings ranging from standard sprinkles […]

  3. […] blog, from time to time I’ll write about good food too.  Earlier this week I read about Local Yogurt over on the Carpe Durham blog. We were in the same shopping center this weekend at the Wine Authorities and tried it out. […]

  4. I definitely would like to try this place! Regarding the chips, try popcorn, especially warm popcorn. When I was a kid we’d go to double features and buy a tub of popcorn and a “radar” shake, which was a frozen solid chocolate shake. It would last through 2 movies and we’d put a handful of popcorn on it and chow down and keep doing that till it was all gone. When the ice cream got soupy we’d stir it in. It was great!

  5. Potato chips and frozen yogurt can’t be too different from Wendy’s fries and shake combo.

  6. Is the “plain” flavor sweetened?

    • The plain flavor is sweetened, but only a little bit. Not nearly as sweet as soft serve from TCBY or a similar place.

  7. Nice clean place, friendly staff and the kids liked it.
    BTW, this is a great blog but you need to do a few more recent posts about North Durham or downtown.

    • I live in North Durham, so I keep a pretty close eye on it. If there is something new that we are missing, please let us know and we will get right on it.

  8. Had the plain last night and LOVED it. My summer is officially ruined for anything else.

  9. Agreed, the yogurt is delicious. I ordered a child size for my 3 year old. He wanted blueberries on it. The “extra topping charge” is $1.00, which is fine, but for a buck we got exactly 5 blueberries, which seems skimpy to me. I also thought it a little nutty that they would not sell me a child size for myself, because I am over the age of 12. But whatever, the yogurt was good, the place is cute, and I like the concept, so we’ll certainly be back.

    • It looks like perhaps they read this review and fixed the problems, as we just went on June 6, and a) the extra topping charge was 75 cents, and b) we got a big bunch of berries (way more than 5) on our yogurt. But I agree the “small” size is rather large and would be happy with a “petite” unless I’m trying to make it be part of a meal or something.

      • I will second MoFood’s reply- my wife and I went on June 7 and split a medium with one topping (Reese’s peanut butter cups). The topping was only $.75 and they didn’t skimp at all. Looks like they ironed out the problems- we’ll definitely be back!!

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