Speedway Cafe: Durham County’s northernmost grill

Speedway Cafe (12915 Roxboro Rd) is right next door to Moe’s Tavern in Rougemont, up in the more “country” part of Durham County.


There were signs (one outside, one inside) touting “Entertainment All Day,” which must have referred to the TV and/or overhearing other patrons’ conversations.  Either way, it was a fun time.  Below, note the substitution of “Freedom” for “French.”


We got the Steak & Gravy meal with two sides ($5.50) (sorry for the photo quality–we were trying to be subtle by using an iPhone instead of a camera).


The meal (including the sides) was ok–not a bad deal, but probably not something we’ll order again.  The greens satisfied my (constant) greens craving, but weren’t among the best I’ve had.

Our other order was much better: a chuckwagon sandwich with a side of fried okra ($1.90 + $.085).  The chuckwagon was delicious.


The reason to go back, though, is the hush puppies.  They might well have been the best I’ve had in Durham (though I’m sure I’ve said that before).  Perfect crispiness, fried to order, exact right density/fluffiness.  This is surprising because the batter isn’t homemade (apparently they get it (and their other bbq foodstuffs) from Hursey’s Bar-B-Q) but maybe there’s just something magical about the Speedway fryer oil.

The Speedway Cafe might not be the best in the county, but it makes for a friendly and charming stop during a drive in the country–especially in combination with a stop at Moe’s next door.

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