Bleg! Local graphic designer/artist

Are you a local graphic designer/artist familiar with making logos for use on a website?  Are you willing to work for below market wages (our budget is $50)  and on a tight timeline because you love Carpe Durham?  Well if so, we love you!  We have a good idea of what we want, but being lawyer types, lack the creativity to execute it.  Please contact us at carpedurham -at- carpedurham (dot) com if you are interested.

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  1. I am a graphic designer. I’d be willing to do it for $50 if you’d be willing to donate 10 hours of lawyering to me for $5/hr. Deal? 😉

    PS I do love you guys….

  2. I’m also a GD. tell me your dedline and I’ll tell you if I can do it …

  3. There you go! Lisa will do it for a nickel. Heck, I think you should have asked for someone to pay you to do the work. See if you can haggle her down to paying you $50. ;P

  4. Nah, I’m looking forward to the tacos $50 will buy 😉 I’m only willing to do it so cheaply because I’m nopt a free-lancer. I have a full-time job and can afford to toss a small favor around now and then.

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