Tacomentary! May 1

The movie event of the season is a week and a half away!  On Friday, May 1, “Tacomentary: The Durham Taco Story” will be dropping at Pinhook (117 W. Main St) at 6pm.  Also in attendance will be the amazing Sabor Latino taco truck.


The movie is only 18 minutes long, so we’ll show it a couple times throughout the evening (between 6 and 9pm).

In case you hadn’t heard the buzz, here is the back story:

Two law students in an Entertainment Law class were told: Do any project you want.  They decided that because they had never made a movie, held a video camera, conducted an interview, or operated editing equipment, they would go ahead and make a documentary.  They also had a budget of $0 (which they went only slightly over).  With a lot of help and a lot of love for tacos, they managed to pull it off, and by the date it was due, even.  Sound impossible?  Come see for yourself!

(In the meantime, don’t expect to hear much from us before then because it’s finals time.  But come May 1 we will emerge as beautiful butterflies who are no longer in law school!)

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  1. […] down the hours for a few days now (or is that just me?), but in case you needed a reminder: Party at Pinhook on Friday!  If the trailer didn’t convince you, check out this cute blurb in the […]

  2. How awesome. And check this out (notice the publish date): http://chattarati.com/2009/05/01/the-summer-of-taco-its-all-around-you/

    It might be cool to host a viewing of your tacomentary as part of our summer-long event. Just an idea. We’ll be putting together video and pics here, too.

  3. Congrats on getting through law school!!!

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