I admit it; I’ve become more of a Mexican food snob than any gringo should be.  But there it is.  So I certainly don’t go to Torero’s (800 W. Main St.) very often–not even when I have cravings for ridiculously cheesy enchiladas (those times, I go to Las Palmas and Don Cecilio’s).  But I recently checked out Torero’s because I had heard they have an “authentic Mexican” menu on weekends (did everyone else know this already?).  It wasn’t bad!

The menu (which is all in Spanish) included empanadas de pescada (fish), sopes (al pastor, pollo, and asada), caldo de camarron (shrimp soup), mojarra (fish), menudo (tripe soup), birria (meat stew), quesadillas, and huaraches (al pastor, pollo, and asada).  Plates that include rice and refried beans range from about $6 – 9.





Both the empanadas and the sopes were better than anything I have had at Torero’s before, and made me more than willing to go back to check out some of the other weekend dishes.  Neither were super exciting though–the pork was not very spicy and the fish was a little fishy.  Still, the more decent Mexican food options the better, as far as I’m concerned.

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  1. I don’t know when they implemented this menu, but we only noticed it within the last few months. We’ve been going to Torero’s more frequently ever since we found it.

    The first time we ordered the exact same two dishes that you did – the fish empanadas (recommended by the waitress) and the sopes al pastor. I liked the sopes myself, even better than the empanadas, but I haven’t had this dish elsewhere so I can’t really say how “good” this version is relative to the competition.

    The empanadas seem to be a bit hit or miss – the first time we had them they were very good: not overly greasy, and the fish was mild. The next time they seemed to be a bit greasier and the fish was, as you said, “fishy.” Still, not bad though.

    It’s really nice to find a seemingly generic Mexican place with two menus like this. A hole in the wall taquería can be a bit intimidating to some people, but a place like Torero’s provides plenty of generic Mexiclone “safety food” that won’t scare off the less adventurous diners in your party.

  2. they’ve had huaraches on there for some time, but only in the basic beef or chicken or veggie styles.

    positive additions include Menudo (!), and handmade corn tortillas!

    also note that Birria’s not just meat stew, its usually goat stew or lamb stew…mmmm

    also, shrimp soup…eh, i’m NOT a fan of the traditional way of making it. dried shrimp is skanky as all get out.

  3. so not much in the way of veggie stuff? 😦

  4. This is a welcome development. Thanks for blogging it. I’ve been to Torero’s a few times, and the only thing I’ve liked much was the carne asada, which is more than respectable. But now I have more reasons to go.

  5. anyone know whether the torero’s on 15-501 has the same weekend menu?

  6. I’ve never had a problem ordering more authentic Mexican dishes during the week — just ask for them by name. They were a little surprised that this white chick with horrible Spanish was asking for menudo, but they have come to expect it. And they’ve always had whatever I wanted. Never hurts to ask!

  7. that’s pretty much the only reason I go there. They have had similar stuff forever on Sundays, but they didn’t always give you the menu. Pretty good for a Torero’s type place.

  8. This doesn’t really apply to Torero’s but does anyone know where I can get Puero Rican Mofongo in the triangle area (ideally in durham)? Hit me up please, if you know where I can get some.

    • Xiloa on 9th St. and Gran Sabana on Hwy 55 both had mofongo – sadly both are gone now.

      Caribbean Cafe in Raleigh has mofongo as an appetizer on their dinner menu. See

      You might also check La Regia on Hwy 55 (near Riddle Rd.) in Durham – tel 596-1119 or 957-1177.


  9. nowhere that I know of….believe me i’ve looked.

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