Restaurant openings report

Asia World (3550 N Roxboro Rd)
China King (1418 Avondale Dr)
KFC (3509 Westgate Dr)
Nannie Brown’s (826 Fayetteville St Suite 110)
Saigon Grill (2929 N Roxboro St)
Shaba Shabu (4020 Chapel Hill Blvd)

*DISCLAIMER: Presence on this list indicates that a restaurant has been inspected, not that it is necessarily open for business today (although it usually is).

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  1. I’ve tried the Shaba Shabu twice since it opened on Monday (I work nearby). It compares favorably to its Raleigh location. The location was previously a Macaroni Grill, but the new decor does a good job of setting the atmosphere. The music is funky Asian-inspired house music.

    The food: the sushi is pretty good. A mix of traditional and modern items. I like them for their unusual rolls. There are some very good lunch deals: about 14 lunch items all under $9 – half Japanese, half Thai. Their miso soup is quite good, btw.

    I think their Thai options are where they shine. I prefer theirs to the offerings of Thai Cafe and Twisted Noodle. There are more options than the former, but less than the latter.

    • I went to Shaba Shabu last night for the first time in the new location. The ambiance isn’t quite that of the Raleigh location, but it suffices for a converted Macaroni Grill. The in-house DJ spinning house music adds to the atmosphere.

      Food: My friend and I did not get sushi this time but stuck to the Thai/ Japanese offerings. The fresh roll was delicious with a spicy peanut sauce that was excellent with a nice kick. She had the Tuna Cream Sauce, which was excellent and beautifully presented, but the tuna was overcooked– more “well” than “medium”. I had the Chicken Red Curry, and it was excellent. The presentation beats Thai Cafe and Twisted Noodle hands down. The coconut cake was also delectable. We also had some nice cocktails (a Shabatini and a Georgia Peach Martini) that hit the spot.

  2. China King is good and clean. Standard fare, cheap.

  3. Saigon Grill is AWESOME!

    • Saigon Grill is good. When we went there a day or two after their opening, the service was really terrible though. One of our appetizers came out after one of the entrees, and the second entree took about an hour to come.

      Food was pretty damn good though. I’ll be back in a few weeks to see if they sort out their issues.

      • Sounds like standard operating procedure at Pho 9N9 to me.

  4. I’ll second the awesomeness of Saigon Grill, and the fact that the service needs considerable improvement. Though once they have their ABC license, I probably won’t mind the wait so much…

  5. go during off hours if you want better service

    • I was there during off hours, and it wasn’t really busy. Anyway, do rush hours justify an hour wait on a simple grilled dish?

  6. Any information about eating establishments planned at the new Wal Mart near E. Geer St. & I 85?

    • china buffet for sure

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