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At Full Frame this weekend, RPP and I had the chance to sample a couple of the beers from the hopefully-coming-soon Fullsteam Brewery.  The brewery is still in the pilot phase and in search of a building somewhere near downtown Durham, but they are churning out some interesting beers already (and so far just serving them for free at events).

We tried one of each of the beers on tap (where by “tap” I mean this steampunk-looking contraption that fits the brewery’s mad scientist attitude very well):


We started off with the Sweet Potato Amber, which didn’t taste nearly as much like sweet potato as I had feared it might (no “Pumpkin Spice Holiday Ale” here).  It was extremely drinkable, only a little bit sweet and reminded me of one of my all-time faves, the Lagunitas Kronik (Censored) Rich Copper Ale.

We also really enjoyed the Rhubarb Wheat, which I hope to be able to drink on my porch shortly and all summer long.  I am not always a fan of white beers, but the rhubarb in this one added some great depth without too much sweetness.

The other two we tried were the Rocket Science IPA and a porter (I don’t remember the name).  Both were good but pretty standard.

The list of their beers (“Control” and “Experiment“) makes me hope they find that building ASAP.  I really appreciate their try-everything approach, and anyone affiliated with the successful effort to bring >6% abv beers to North Carolina has my 110% support.

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  1. Thanks for posting this review to get the word out about Fullsteam! Count me in as another person anxiously awaiting their opening 🙂

  2. I don’t even drink beer and I’ve been excited to sample theirs. If only I had downtown property to donate.

  3. yay! Durham needs more breweries, I so glad another is opening. Don’t get me wrong, Triangle is great and I love the bi-weekly tours but we always need more breweries.

  4. Thank you so much. Glad you enjoyed the samples, and I’m sorry I missed meeting y’all — got there late on Saturday (daughter’s birthday).

    Keep up the great work on Carpe Durham!

    Oh, and we’re close to finding a space! I promise!

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