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We’re spending a lot of the weekend downtown watching a ridiculous amount of movies at Full Frame.  Though there are a couple of food options at the event itself (mainly a cafe at the Armory catered by Saladelia), if you have time between movies here are some places we’d recommend checking out.

These are within walking distance of the event:

Blue Mountain Catering (317 W. Main St)
Lunch, weekdays only.  Get the chicken and waffles.

The Federal (914 W. Main St)
Lunch, dinner, drinks.  Order from the specials menu.

El Paraiso (111 S. Alston)
Lunch, dinner.  Tacos!
This is a bit of a longer walk, but if you have time it’s a nice walk through much of downtown.  And at the end of the walk there are delicious and affordable tacos.

Toast (345 W. Main St)
Lunch, dinner, wine & beer.
Delicious and friendly, also great just for a snack of a couple of crostini.

Fishmongers (806 W. Main St)
Lunch, dinner, drinks.  Great sides and banana pudding.

Revolution (107 W. Main St)
Sunday brunch – $30.  Also a great spot for “upscale” drinks and appetizers.

If you’re driving and looking for some places in the general area, some of our faves are New Visions of Africa (“soul food”), Green Leaf Indian, Mami Nora’s (Peruvian chicken),  Costa Azul (Honduran/Mexican), taco trucks on Hillsborough Rd. (late night), Guglhupf (lunch and especially breakfast), Hog Heaven, Thompsons (“soul food”), Wimpy’s (biscuits and burgers), and, on Saturday, ~$5 Vietnamese tofu special at Banh’s.

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  1. Also Tosca!

    • You can get spend $10 and get a $25 certificate to Tosca here: http://www.restaurant.com/

      There’s also the same deal for Blue Corn Cafe and Blu Seafood and Bar. Other Durham restaurants are available as well. I use this site all the time.

  2. Great list. The one place I would add for the car travelers would be Mami Nora’s (amazing Peruvian/Salvadoran Peruvian rotisserie chicken).

    • I don’t know how it is possible that we forgot Mami Nora’s. We absolutely agree.

  3. Hog Heaven is not soul food. You can’t call a NC BBQ place a soul food joint!

    • agreed

    • She was saying that Thompsons is soul food, not HH.

  4. No Piedmont?
    You don’t like Piedmont?
    We LOVE Piedmont!
    (not related to anyone there!)

    • I love Piedmont too. I have never been disapointed when eating there.

  5. No love for Bull Mccabes? IMO they have the best vegi-burger in Durham, and they just got Fat Tire Amber on tap!

  6. Driving… must go to Ninth Street. But only if you love soul and character.

  7. a word on Piedmont…

    stopped in friday night for a drink at the bar, and was TURNED AWAY by some asshole at the door who said it was just for filmmakers that night. FRIDAY NIGHT!. I was like, “I’m just a local going tot hte bar” and he said “No locals at the bar”

    I managed to get Andy M. outside and filed a complaint about dude at the door…he didnt like what he heard

    • The festival rented out the entire restaurant for a filmmaker party Friday night. Last time I checked, that’s not an unreasonable thing to do. The guy at the door may have been a dick, but being turned away when someone rents out the restaurant is pretty reasonable, imo.

      • it would have been nice to see a sign or a posting.

        • True.

  8. Do you guys have something against Bull McCabe’s or have you just never been there? It is literally the closest place to eat to the Carolina Theatre and you don’t even give it a mention in passing? WTF?

  9. Oops, didn’t mean to start a fight with these recommendations. It’s just that Bull’s and Piedmont aren’t two of my faves downtown (except Bull’s bacon cheese fries, which are the best ever, but which I was totally denied last time I tried to order them). And for me, Piedmont has just been too inconsistent to really recommend, though I have had some quality stuff there.

  10. Don’t like Rue Cler either, eh?

    • I do like Rue Cler, again just not quite as much as the ones I listed. This was not meant to be a exhaustive list!

      • The BP on Main has hot dogs. What do you have against them?

        • 🙂

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