Backyard BBQ Pit coming to North Durham?

There is a sign up at the building formerly housing Pizza Palace (3218 Guess Rd) indicating that “Backyard BBQ Pit” is coming soon.  There is an existing Backyard BBQ Pit out on 55 (which we really should have been to, but haven’t), and we have no idea whether this is a relocation, second location, or something unrelated.  Does anyone know more?

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  1. this seems to officially be a 2nd location!

  2. Interestingly, this Backyard BBQ Pit location will be very close to Hog Heaven, making Guess Rd the epicenter of Durham’s modest barbecue scene. The original Backyard BBQ Pit in RTP cooks its ‘cue over wood coals, so I hope they stick to that method on Guess Rd too.

  3. I still have yet to get over to Backyard BBQ Pit. Is Hwy 55 really considered RTP? I guess I never consider it as such I usually don’t feel it’s RTP until you’ve gone past the Halgo (the Polish place).

  4. i know it is asking too much, and going against the tradition of not mixing booze and true barbecue in our fair state, but it would be wonderful if they kept the bar in the style of pizza palace. north durham needs a good bar dammit. and on that note, anybody know if the WET (west end tavern) is still open?

    • It’d be nice if they had live entertainment there too like PP did. I agree N Durham needs a decent bar! WET seems to be open a few evenings a week. I don’t know how they stay in business.

  5. I drive by WET every day and their open/close schedule remains a total mystery to me.

    • Agreed. I would be in there if I could ever count on them being open, since I live less than a mile away from there. Apparently, they have groups of regulars that are there for karaoke and poker, so that’s what must be keeping them in business.

  6. In case you’ve not seen this info on the 2nd location:

  7. I’ve never been impressed the few times I’ve tried back yard down here in RTP. If I’m needing BBQ in RTP, it’s Danny’s or Smokey’s Shack (aka Rubs) for me.

  8. I’m looking forward to it. I’ve taken in almost all of the BBQ places in the area (haven’t been to Allen & Sons in Chapel Hill, yet). Really like Backyard on Hwy. 55. I live in Northern Durham, so I’m anticipating . . . . June 1 is what the sign says.

  9. John, I’m excited about Backyard BBQ Pit II, too. And June 1 is almost here. But on your comment about trying almost all of the BBQ places in the area except Allen & Sons, I must say: Are you serious?! That’s like asserting you’ve been to most of the national parks but not the Grand Canyon. Get thee to Allen & Sons!! You won’t be disappointed, my friend.

    • I came from Washington State over 1 1/2 years ago. My wife didn’t arrive until this past August when we sold our house (after 11 mo). I had lost 34 pounds (on purpose) before her arrival. Then I had to show her a lot of the great restaurants in Durham area, especially the BBQ. I have gained back 22 lb. but am in process of losing it again. Maybe Allen and Sons will put a couple of pounds back on . . . .

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