Don Cecilio’s

Don Cecilio’s (5279 N Roxboro Rd) might look like a generic Mexican restaurant in a strip mall, but it’s definitely got a few things going for it.  It’s main purpose for me is something of a guilty-pleasure standby but I think there’s no denying that the food is better than some of the other options in the non-taqueria, drowned-in-cheese, Mexican restaurant category.

Last time I went I had the chilaquiles (much less flavorful than the Las Palmas version but still comforting).


The best thing about Don Cecilio’s, though, is the dipping sauce that comes (in addition to salsa) with the chips.  It’s a white, creamy and sort of sweet dip that I haven’t seen anywhere else and find impossible to describe or resist.  It goes especially well on chips when combined with their salsa (which also isn’t bad).  After eating it many times I finally gave in an destroyed the mystery by asking what was in it–our waiter said it was milk, mayo, cilantro and jalapenos (must be condensed milk, for the sweetness).  Yummm.  I recommend giving it a chance.


Another two things going for Don Cecilio’s:

better than average margarita

better than average margarita


I’ve never been disappointed when I’ve stopped by this place in the mood for something cheesy and Mexican-ish, and I get frequent cravings for the white sauce.

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  1. I used to live in North Durham off Infinity, and I loved going to Don Cecilo’s! Your review has sparked my need to visit yet again.

  2. […] even when I have cravings for ridiculously cheesy enchiladas (those times, I go to Las Palmas and Don Cecilio’s).  But I recently checked out Torero’s because I had heard they have an “authentic […]

  3. Generally, y’all are right on. Thanks for being mostly awesome. This place was horrible though. We had the chile rellenos (“plato autentico”) and fish tacos. The tacos featured unidentifiable shredded fish just palatable enough to swallow. The rellenos were the real kicker. They were shockingly bad. The cheese in the middle, in contrast to the excessive layers of cheese on top, was cold and semi-solid.

    • That’s too bad.. while the food is pretty standard, I have never had an affirmatively bad experience there.

      Did you have the white dipping sauce with the salsa? I love that stuff.

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