OnlyBurger returns Wednesday!

OnlyBurger is back!  Thank God.

This email just went out from Wine Authorities.

Psst.  It’s been a long three and a half months since the OnlyBurger truck crashed and was taken out of commission.  For its return kick-off (Wednesday 4:00 – 6:30) the OnlyBurger folks have decided to join together with Wine Authorities to once again bring you the “Burger Speakeasy”.

Come in the front door at Wine Authorities, and enter the speakeasy after knocking on their kitchen door. Whatever you do, don’t tell anyone, tell EVERYONE!

The return of OnlyBurger, Durham’s burger truck from Tom Ferguson of Durham Catering and Sam Poley formerly of Restaurant Starlu, and now with a new partner!

The OnlyBurger team is ready to go with the same tasty treats you remember and a renewed energy to bring the burgery goodness to your life, one patty at a time.  They even have that GPS they were talking about…it’ll be up and running by Wednesday night at

They’re back on twitter and also have a phone for the truck.  So keep your money local and give them a ding at (919) 724-1622…and put that number in your speed dial!!

Thank you to all of our great customers.  We are proud to be your local wine shop.

Be well and drink well,

Seth Gross & Craig Heffley
Wine Authorities

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  1. […] According to Carpe Durham, Wine Authorities also sent out an e-mail with the details of the roach coach’s return. Wine Authorities and OnlyBurger will be hosting a “Burger Speakeasy” at the former’s store (2501 University Dr.) Wednesday, March 25 from 4 to 6:30 p.m. The e-mail also says that a third member has joined the team of Tom Ferguson (Durham Catering Co.) and Sam Poley (Restaurant Starlu). Check out the e-mail in full here. […]

  2. Great, so they can plant themselves on the Duke campus again and I’ll never go.

    • If you don’t want to go, then don’t, but don’t bitch about it. They want to make the most money possible–you know, the point of having a for-profit business.

      • “Don’t bitch about it”? Who the hell are you, and what do you care? Is going around telling people not to say things a hobby of yours?

        • Ah, just like a Durhamite not to recognize his faults.

          • If you want to think that about Durhamites, then do, but don’t bitch about it.

      • What’s with the shenanigan-laced hoops of a ‘speakeasy’ for a non-regulated product? Or is this one of those “oh how neat and innovative and hip and street” things?

        • You have to admit it’s adorable!

      • WTF man? why are you being a jerk?

    • @ Gary:

      Gray had indicated, before the crash, that they were planning at least two trucks — one dedicated to Duke’s campus and one to roam the city.

      • I don’t remember hearing about that, but it’s good news. The announcement in this post didn’t mention more than one truck either, so it may not be in the nearest of futures.

  3. One truck or two, I’m just glad we have OnlyBurger again! Yay food!

  4. I’m so glad they’re coming back. Woooooohooo!

  5. I finally tried OnlyBurger today, and I agree it’s good but the level of hype is a little much. OnlyBurger is good but not great, and it’s at least teetering toward overpriced. If you want a GREAT burger + fries, make the not-so-long trip to Chapel Hill and try Buns ( Still, food out of a truck is a good thing… no complaints.

  6. yeah they actually raised their prices again. sad. maybe it’s to recoup the losses from when they were out of operation. hopefully we can look fwd. to $6.50 double combos after a few months, which honestly seems more appropriate for the food you’re getting.

  7. Just to tack on my two cents… good enough burger, but don’t think I would drop $7 (for a double w/ cheese, not even a combo) and wait in line for 20 minutes to get another one though.

  8. I’ve heard from a lot of people that Buns is a lot of hype and not all that great. Though when it comes to burgers you’re going to find just as many opinions on good burger as you will a good pizza or hot dog.

    • ‘Best’ depends on your idea of what a burger should be, of course, but for my money, Buns backs up the hype. It’s my favorite burger around.

  9. Seriously, $7? Burgers from a truck are way cool. We had one before their earlier demise and it was good, but by no means killer. I like Dain’s better – I gotta say.

  10. They are now clearly aiming at Duke students – who will pay pretty much any amount for anything since campus food is absurdly expensive – rather than at the population at large.

  11. $7 is a double cheeseburger ($8.50 combo). With the average Wendy’s combo somewhere around $6, I don’t think their prices are off-the-charts. That said, there are cheaper lunches.
    It’s not like I’ll have the chance to check out the Only Burger any time soon, unless they start driving out to Morrisville at the noon hour.

    • I agree. These prices seem in line with what Five Guys charges, and that is probably the closest comparison in terms of similarity of product.

      • Cheeseburger (double) at five guys is 4.89… OnlyBurger is marginally better in my opinion. I do like the truck concept though, seemed like a nice bunch of guys.

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