Best Burrito to become La Vaquita II

We have received multiple tips via comment and email that Best Burrito will become La Vaquita II on April 1.

Congrats to the really nice people at La Vaquita.  I guess tacos do well during recessions!

I really hope they put a huge cow on top of that ugly strip mall.

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  1. Wow, potentially awesome! I really hope the tradition of excellent food from The Original La Vaquita (as it should be referred to henceforth!) continues to the new location. I have never had a bad meal at TOLV and most of them have been just fabulous.

    Best of luck to them!

  2. I hope that tacos do well in this economy, though at least one taco truck thinks otherwise. (Sorry I can’t remember the name – but it’s the one that sells lamb and/or goat tacos from the old Red White and Blue butcher shop parking lot (corner of University and Dixon and Chapel Hill) on weekends.)

  3. This is hopeful news. I have really been missing Taqueria Lopez and my son and I were disappointed to have an awful experience at “Best Burrito,” so I look forward to trying the new place.

  4. This makes me happy. 🙂

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  6. I talked to him today. It seems he’s planning to have 14 different types of tacos, one of which I got to try tonight. It’s beef, with green peppers, cheese and BACON! Very nice. I’m really looking forward to the new place now!

  7. where is that located?

  8. Well, I am NOT happy. I LOVED Best Burrito and usually ate there a few times a week. I went there Sunday expecting the usual and was greeted with the new place. I ate there anyway – it was OK, but the food at Best Burrito was better – and there were certainly more choices for vegetarians.

    • Has anyone else tried Vaquita II yet; how does it compare with the original? If nothing else, I’m glad to see Best Burrito gone (sorry Lucy), they were borderline terrible.

      • We tried it the first week it was opened and was thrilled to find one of the La Vaquita brothers running the place. The food tasted just as good as the original- the al pastor tacos were especially yummy. While there is no cow on the roof, it is a great alternative to the outside seating for hot, cold, or rainy days.

  9. just as good, if not better. unfortunately, the clientele probably won’t be as friendly as those who visit i. the guys behind us were giving the waitress a hard time: “what do you mean, you don’t have beef tacos?”

  10. Ate at La Vaquita for lunch today. There were only a few people eating there. Had the fish tacos, which were excellent but the portion of fish on each of the three tacos was very small. The chips are very good – that’s always a plus.

  11. I ate at La Vaquita #2 on Friday night and found that the menu is exactly the same as La Vaquita #1, which is to say, delicious.

    The only difference was the inclusion of a special lunch menu and the complimentary chips and salsa on the table. Beth1 was right, the chips are very good.

    The owner came by our table to ask how everything was and to see if we thought it tasted the the same as La Vaquita #1. I was happy to report that everything at store #2 was just like I’ve come to expect from the taco cow.

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