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 While visiting Papa Mojo’s I noticed the sign for breakfast at Benetis.  Considering the dearth of breakfast joints around (Waffle House need not apply) I was eager to try it.  Each of us ordered a plate.


Now, I’ve had worse eggs benedict.  Beyond that, however, I really have nothing to say about it.  All the ingredients were present but the chef seemed to leave out the dash of awesome I enjoy about the dish.


The ham and eggs again were not the stuff of legend, but certainly did the job.


This skillet, particularly when compared to other skillet offerings, was rather sad.  The portion was small and unimpressive. 

Being a believer in large breakfasts at reasonable prices, I wouldn’t return.  Any trip to the over popular Elmo’s would be at least as tasty, nearly twice as big, and a few bucks cheaper. 

I’m remiss to give any bad review, especially on a breakfast joint, but based on a decent spread of the menu I can’t say there is any strong reason to go.  Unless you are sick of your drive-thru sausage biscuit, then maybe.

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  1. I hate to hear that about Benetis. I’ve been looking forward to trying their lunch out. Has anyone eaten there then?

  2. Not sure how many breakfast places there are in that area (not going to Southpoint). I can’t place any in the Kroger or Shiki Sushi areas. I do know that there is a Briggs but they are a bit pricey (though the food is general good) and I know there is a Waffle house. Though this is coming from someone who was happy when his parents stopped for the Shoney’s buffet on long trips to Florida as a kid. Elmo’s is good and filling and when Weaver St. does their breakfast it is good. I don’t know of too many awesome brunch places (outside of Acme in Carrboro and Watts)though and that needs some investigating.

    • Man, I’d kill to have a Shoney’s around here.. I used to be in the birthday club 🙂 And free lollipops? Can’t beat that.

  3. I like the huevos rancheros, that seems to be their best dish.

  4. You all need to try Honey’s over at Guess Road and I-85 for breakfast. It’s tasty Southern Breakfasts–much better than Elmo’s.

  5. Just to pass on a few rumors here since we’re talking breakfast…

    I was eating at Papa Mojo’s last week, and I overheard the server say that they were planning to start serving weekend brunch in a month or so. Sounds promising!

    Also, on the Watts-Hillandale neighborhood mailing list, the following recommendation was posted recently:

    “To all of you who love good authentic Mexican food, we’ve got a new family favorite I wanted to plug. We want to help them stay in business!

    The place is called Carolina’s (formerly the Golden Spoon breakfast place). While not in the neighborhood, it’s close by in that not-so-nice shopping center where the not-so-nice Wal-Mart is located on Roxboro Road.

    They have a full menu of Mexican breakfasts, yummy things made with masa (including Oaxacan tamales), homemade corn tortillas and lots of homestyle specialties not usually found in restaurants around here. Everything we’ve tried was good, the place is pleasant and clean, the service is as homestyle (in a nice way) as the food and the prices low. They also still serve American breakfast if you have some people with you who don’t love a Mexican breakfast the way I do.”

    I haven’t been there myself, but may be worth a go.

    • Awesome. We have had lunch at Carolina’s ( but never the Mexican breakfast. We will definitely check that out soon.

    • We just popped in to Carolina’s for breakfast this morning. The menu is HUGE. I got two gordas with potatoes and chorizo, which were quite bland, and a papusa with queso and chicharrónes (sp?), which was really excellent.

      I’ll be back some time for dinner to try their baby goat stew…

  6. This reminds me.. I’ve got friends coming in from Winston and they want to do brunch.. Any good Saturday brunch recommendations, I’ve shown them Watt’s, Weathervane, Breadmen’s, and Elmo’s because those were the one’s that came to mind first. This would be for anywhere between Chapel Hill and Durham.

    I pass by Honey’s en route to Costco all the time, but I don’t know it looks sorta sketch. I wish that mami nora’s would open a place near UNC.. I think THAT would do lots of business for the price. Unfortunately the rent would kick their butt.

    • Piedmont does an excellent brunch, as does Rue Cler. If it’s Saturday, you could also do Toast for a slightly less traditional brunch.

      BTW, it’s Watts, not Watt’s.

      • I knew that. Just typing too fast and being careless.

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