Chosun Ok


Another Korean joint along the 55 corridor, Chosun Ok is a solid offering.  We ate three dishes.  Here’s a shot of the spread, made more impressive with all the kim chee.


The Bi Bim Bop was my first and I rather liked it, particularly the way the rice becomes crunchy after sitting against the stone.

Even better was the beef and green onion soup.  It came in the large bowl with a nice and spicy red broth.  The dish was simple and rich.  I particularly liked the (what I believe were) straw mushrooms.

Lastly, the spicy croaker soup.

I really get a kick out of these cauldrons of goodness.  The broth almost tasted more of fish than the fish itself.  Two whole croaker filled the bowl and made for a delicious soup.  The fish were some trouble to eat, but braver folks may forge on through the bones more readily than me.

It is also of note that the kim chee were all tastey–free from that funky smell of most commercial stuff.

While it was quite good, the overall value was not that of the nearby Vit Goal Tofu.  I can’t say how the lunch menus compare, but the dishes at Chosun Ok were a dollar or two more, as I recall.

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  1. I like both Chosun Ok and Vit Goal, for different things. The soups at Vit Goal are excellent. As I think Greg Cox wrote in his review, the tofu in them, which is Vit Goal’s specialty, is reminiscent of nice, fluffy scrambled eggs. However, I love the Korean-style BBQ pork at Chosun Ok. Try it next time you’re there.

  2. (I’m going to butcher the name of this dish, but…) Curiosity is killing me. I’m going to have to stop by and see if they have ‘yuki mondu’… divine little steamed dumplings of meat and cabbage… and it’s been forever since I’ve had good kim chee.

    • close! ‘yaki mandu’. i can’t imagine a korean restaurant without it on the menu somewhere, let us know how theirs is… my mom’s is by far the best though

  3. The yaki mandu are delicious! As is the kimchee jigae, despite the lack of homemade tofu. Chosun Ok is nicer than Vit Goal and a wonderful place for a celebratory feast. I’m so happy we have good Korean in Durham!

  4. Chosun ok should be called Chosun delicious. We got the beef and green onion soup as suggested and it was so loaded with bits that we ate it with chopsticks. We also tried the seafood bibim bap and it was excellent. The best part of the meal was when a waitress inexplicably brought us a plate with two whole salted and fried fish and simply said “special” before walking away. We checked other tables as we were leaving and this was definitely not part of the standard kimchee and nibbles assortment, nor was it on our bill. Bonus! The only disappointment were the steamed dumplings — they were bland, and were an uneccesary addition to a table overflowing with flavor.

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