Restaurant openings report

KFC Taco Bell (1110 West Hwy 54)
Mediterra Grill (2608 Erwin Rd Suite 136)
Taqueria y Pupuseria Las Delicias (3411 University Dr)
Three Seasons Catering (2818 Chapel Hill Rd)
Two Guys Pizza/Biryani House RPT (5400 S Miami Blve Suite 102)

Food Stand
Rhumba 54 (2223 Hwy 54 )
Sugar Punk (8200 Renaissance Pkwy Suite 1003)
The Fast Italian (3031 Fayetteville St)
Town & Country # 8 (412 Lasalle St)


*DISCLAIMER: Presence on this list indicates that a restaurant has been inspected, not that it is necessarily open for business today (although it usually is).

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  1. The KFC\Taco Bell on 54 is probably the best one of those I’ve ever been in. Decor was rather nice for a fast food joint–not like the KFC’s or Taco Bells i’ve been to in the past. Food hasn’t changed though.

  2. Went to Mediterra grill last night. Delicious and the staff is ultra-friendly. A woman i believe must be the owner gave us even gave us free lady fingers after our meal. will definitely return.

  3. I can kind of get a clue from most of the restaurants’ names as to what they offer. But what the heck is ‘Sugar Punk’?? I’m intrigued.

    In the best of worlds, it would be a coffee shop where patrons’ mugs could be identified by the ‘piercing’ in the handle and one could opt for a ‘mohawk’ of whipped cream on a mocha. After taking a sip of an unsweetened beverage, you’d be forced to request, “Where’s the sugar, punk?!”

    Somehow, I think I’m way off target.

  4. “Pizza/Biryani House”

    I can’t imagine how bad this would be. Talk about not having a core competency.

  5. whatever. pizza/biryani sounds amazing. i’m going.

    • Totally.

  6. Looks like SugarPunk is a dessert maker and a local blogger:

    While that’s cool and all, I think I like ACW’s idea.

  7. Hi, SugarPunk here 🙂 I am indeed a dessert maker/caterer and local blogger, currently with no storefront (I rent kitchen space at the address listed to make products).

    My focus is on hedonistically tasty desserts and confections, and I’m primarily aiming my business at providing such to local businesses such as coffee shops, wine bars, etc. However, I also will do custom desserts for special occasions (cakes, etc.), and events (business meetings, gallery openings, etc.).

    The coffeeshop sounds like fun, though – we definitely need *something* near where I live (SW Durham)! Everything closes at 8pm.

  8. Not another KFC/Taco &$#@…there’s also one going up near the Chick-fila in South Square area, near the super Target. What a waste of space.

  9. Also Q-Shack has opened in Carrboro in the spot that use to be Bandido’s and then Crawdaddy’s.

  10. Mediterra Grill was awesome; prices are reasonable. The kebabs were flavorful and so was the ground hamburger + yogurt sauce something-or-other. The stuffed grape leaves were a great appetizer while we waited for our food.

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