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If you knew Carpe Durham was making a documentary and you had to guess what it was about, I hope that “tacos” would be in your top 3 guesses.  Actually, a classmate and I are making a documentary about the Durham taco scene for our entertainment law class.  We have a budget of zero dollars so we’re counting on volunteers, and we are now looking for bands who’ll donate their music to score the film.  This could be in the form of already written songs or ones written for us, but they certainly don’t have to be about tacos–just upbeat.  If you have some musical skillz to spare, please email us at carpedurham at carpedurham dot com.  Thanks!

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  1. Too cool!

  2. I hope to hell you’re gonna post that taco vid ASAP!!!

  3. Youtube for food lovers (foodtube?). Good luck and if you can’t find bands, perhaps you could get some local spinners to do a mash up for your soundtrack.

  4. y’all need to visit el paraiso on alston. asap.

  5. hey CD-
    Please contact me at my blog regarding this…
    Chef Shirle’

  6. durham is teeming with bands…i’m sure they’ll have no problems

  7. […] La Esperanza Ya, we know, you are sick of us writing about taquerias.  But with the taco documentary nearing completion, it is all we are thinking about these days.  And besides, tacos are […]

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