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We have been asked several times over the past year for recommendations on caterers in Durham.  We don’t have a lot of experience in this area, but we have done a couple of events, and two local restaurants really stand out.  Mami Nora’s (websitereview) does an excellent job, and is accessible enough that even picky eaters will probably like it.  I recently had an event catered by them, and it was definitely a success.  For soul food, we can enthusiastically recommend The Know (review).  Give them a try if you are looking for something more exciting than sandwiches and wraps.

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  1. Thrills From The Grill. All you need to know.

  2. Durham Catering did my wedding, and they were amazing! Delicious food and very relaxed and easy to deal with.

  3. One of my favorite restaurants, Blu Seafood and Bar, just rolled out a catering division. I have two friends that used them for catering their office Holiday parties, and both raved about the food, and it wasn’t all just seafood. Blu’s food is outstanding at the restaurant, so I am sure the catering is equally stellar.

  4. Sage & Swift are great. For simpler stuff, I really like Nosh.

    • Have you used S&S for lunch? If so, do you remember any items that stood out?

  5. I have never heard of Thrills from the Grill or Sage & Swift, but both look good. Keep the recommendations coming!


    Deb Vaughn has one of the best catering businesses around.

    • Do you remember any items that really stood out?

      • Her quiches are excellent, as are her muffins.

  7. Parker and Otis does a fantastic job – whether it be box lunches or other heavier fare.

  8. Thrills from the Grill is indeed good!

  9. Nosh does a great job every time. Saladelia is decent too. And there’s a good place in RTP whose name escapes me right now, but they do amazing bacon potato salad and the like; I’ll post again if I can find their name.

  10. Had a great experience (for an unusual catering request) from the folks at The Picnic Basket.

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