Best News Ever (re Friday’s Party)

You know how much you were looking forward to our birthday party on Friday?  Get ready to multiply that by one million, because we just got the best taco truck in Durham to park outside the best bar in Durham to celebrate the best blog in Durham (well, at least the first two).  Also, this taco truck (the one that parks outside of Sabor Latino) has literally the best quesadillas in the world.

So bring some cash and come hungry.  Friday, Pinhook, 6-9pm.  Avoid being square by being there.

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  1. Do any taco trucks have vegetarian options? maybe this is a silly question, but 1 always steer clear of them because I assume there will be nothing for me to eat.

  2. probably depends on how vegetarian you are…

  3. This truck has quesadillas–we’ve only gotten chicken but probably they’d make you one with just cheese. I’d be surprised if they had a non-meat grill though.

  4. Les diga que manteca no es vegetariana.

  5. I have spied the Sabor Latio truck parked outside of Coma Rico on two separate consecutive weekends. What’s up with Coma Rico? Is their taqueria broken?

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