Catering By George

There is some good soul food to be had at Catering by George (2504 Fayetteville St).


I am not sure how long it has been open, but I noticed it last week and finally stopped in for a visit.  From the outside it looks like a take-out place, but they actually have a fairly large dining room off to the right.

They have a menu of standard fare (chicken fingers, hot dogs, etc) and a line of fresh daily specials.  Today they had smothered chicken and ham, both of which I tried.  I saw them making some fried chicken for another customer, and if I had any room left I would have ordered some because it looked and smelled delicious.


The smothered chicken was very good (isn’t it always?).  The cabbage was probably my least favorite side, but the corn was nice.


It has been a long time since I have had cooked ham in a restaurant, but this was salty and moist.  The squash was passable and the cornbread was above average.  I initially had mixed feelings about the potato salad, but after a couple of bites I decided it was great and quickly devoured it.

The plates were about $8 each, including two sides.  I wouldn’t necessarily drive out of my way to eat here again (it is really close to New Visions of Africa, which I love), but the food is good and worth a visit.

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  1. OOh I loved this place when I was in law school down the street at Central. I’d show up and wait for my food — the dining room is new, it was under construction last year — and sometimes chat with the owner’s son as he did his homework. Sometimes I’d talk a little smack about Duke basketball, too, just for fun. Candied yams there are delicious, the bbq is wonderful, and your instincts about the fried chicken are spot on — it’s incredible.

    The Know bookstore a few doors down does a great fried chicken, too. If you call ahead, like say, 20 minutes before, he’ll “drop a chicken” for you, and you won’t have to wait for it when you get there. I like the cornbread at the Know a lot, too.

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