Momoyama Sushi

There is more great sushi in Durham!

A couple of weeks ago a reader tipped us off to a new sushi restaurant by Super Target and Southpoint.  Momoyama (8200 Renaissance Pkwy  Suite 1001) is a great addition to the Durham sushi scene. 


This place is not as flashy as Shiki and Sushi Love, but in my opinion that is a benefit.  The atmosphere is homey and comfortable, and the fish is very fresh.  They have a bigger selection of roll offerings than other restaurants in the area (four types of dragon rolls?).  

If I had a criticism, it would be that they were a bit heavy handed with the wasabi on the nigiri.  Also, as frustrating as Shiki and Sushi Love’s “buy-one-get-one-free” policy can be, I think it does result in a cheaper meal than Momoyama’s normal pricing model.

Here is Momoyama’s Happy Boat ($45), and it was all delicious: 


On a related note, since we arrived in Durham a few years ago, sushi is by far the “most improved” cuisine.  It doesn’t seem like there was any place serving even passable sushi not that long ago, and today there are so many options.

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  1. You’ve mentioned Peony in your “openings” list, but have you tried their sushi yet?

    I ate there once and don’t remember what it was like. That might be a bad sign, but I remember also that I was very preoccupied that day (the laptop was out, which almost never happens at mealtime).

  2. As I read elsewhere.. Pizza Palace is closing down.

  3. If you would be so kind, could you make a quick list of which places in Durham you consider above the “passable” line, and which you wouldn’t bother with? There’s like twenty of them and I’m on a tight budget, so I’d prefer to know where to most wisely spend going out dollars. Thanks!

  4. p.s. on Peony. I walked by last night and saw a “buy one get one free” sign posted a roadside. So it looks like they’ve joined the ranks of the many who seem to do that. (Like Akashi sushi on 54 near the corner with 55).

    I had dinner at the pizza place, instead. One slice mushroom for $2.60. Pretty good. Crunchy crust. Though one of the mushrooms got dropped and accidentally ground into my Blackberry keyboard (by me — not the restaurant).

  5. I still mourn the death of Tokyo Fun in the old China One spot on 55. Sooooo good, and the people were so friendly.

  6. Had the Spicy Salmon Tempura Roll on my first visit last week and it was delicious.

  7. I have been to Momoyama several times and I must say that theirs is the freshest sushi in the area. Beats Shiki for quality and freshness of fish, too.

  8. I went here for the sushi but I ended up getting Tonkatsu and my gf had the yaki soba. Both were delicious. I did end up getting one sushi roll which was half off and it was very good. But I have to say it was the best non-sushi Japanese food I’ve had since I moved to Durham. That and the Tea was awesome, some sort of green tea/toasted brown rice creation, she told me the name, but I forgot already. It was a pleasant surprise given the lack of interesting food around southpoint.

  9. I have nothing but good things to say about Peony. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s fresh and reliable. They don’t have the vast roll selection of some other places, but that’s ok in my book. The diverse menu makes it a good place if you have friends/family who aren’t sushi eaters. Also good for takeout.

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