North Durham taco truck invasion!

North Duham has taco trucks!

The newest truck was spotted outside of El Fantasia Sports Bar (105 Infinity Rd), formerly PK’s Billiards


I sampled both a pastor and asada taco.  Both were good, but a bit dry and ultimately nothing special.  The salsa was nice and spicy, but was in a squirt bottle and I didn’t put enough on.


The second truck is located outside of the popular club Sabor Latino (4527 N. Roxboro Rd).


Same order here, but these tacos were fantastic.  My only criticism is that they were a bit greasy, but the wonderful flavor of both meats might make this my favorite taco truck in Durham.  I can’t wait to go back for a torta.


All tacos were $2 each.

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  1. $2 each? My beloved south Durham needs taco trucks.

  2. I think I saw the Sabor Latino truck parked outside of Coma Rico (on University Drive) last Sunday. It also appears that the Coma Rico sign has come down. Any news on what’s happening here?

  3. I see it parked there, too. One time I saw them serving at night. Do they serve during the day?

  4. […] not sure whether the Lopez truck has permanently replaced Benito’s (Sabor Latino) truck, which used to park outside this club, but I think in the future I’ll seek him out […]

  5. I’m dying to know – does a taco truck park somewhere in SW Durham for lunch? I’ve seen one driving on Fayetteville St just north of I40/Southpoint but have never seen one parked. Not sure if they set up around there. Next time must follow it!

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