Kabab & Curry House

There is new Indian in town!  Kabab & Curry House (2016 Guess Rd – “by Check Cashing place”) opened for business on Monday.  This is the former location of Los Amigos, which, frankly. we aren’t too sad to see go.  


The interior of Kabab & Curry is somewhat uninviting (it still smells like bleach and is completely barren), but the food is far tastier than the atmosphere.  This is not the best Indian in the Triangle (Cary claims that), but it will be my new go-to spot for Indian in Durham.  And, they deliver! 

We had the Masala Dosa ($4.95), the Chicken Vindaloo ($7.95), and the Lamb Curry ($8.95).  We wouldn’t recommend the dosa, but the vindaloo was good and the curry was even better.  I am thrilled, because this place is on my way home and significantly better than Dale’s


Oddly, despite having “Kabab” in its name, the menu was very light on kabob options.

*UPDATE:  Phone number is 919-286-3303.

*UPDATE2: Stopped back in tonight for the tikka masala and the saag paneer.  Both very good.  I really really like this place.

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  1. Wow, this is on my way home too! Thanks for letting me know, I see Indian take-out in my near future!

  2. How was the naan? Also, were there many vegetarian options?

  3. I stopped by there last night and got the saag paneer (sp?) and goat curry. Brought it home and the wife and I give this place 2 thumbs up. It’s so nice to have a decent Indian place that’s not overly plush and fancy with mediocre fare. And they deliver!

    I would say for dinner this is a great value — maybe not so much for a lunch out when so many places (not necessarily Indian food) have lunch specials.

  4. What is the best Indian place in Cary you’re referring to?? Definitely want to check it out!

  5. In my view, Udupi (in Cary) remains the best Indian in the Triangle (note that they no longer own Spice and Curry in Durham). You might also want to check out Cool Breeze in Cary for a totally different but incredibly cheap and delicious Indian food experience. See

  6. well considering cary actually has a Little India, i figure if you go to that neighborhood, you’re overall set…lol

  7. Udupi is excellent, but don’t forget Saffron in Morrisville. It’s a little pricier, but the food is just fantastic. Best Indian I’ve had in ages.

  8. good food!! a must try! the owners have some great homemade recipes. naan could use a lil work but all the gravies are great! my fav-Chicken Tikka Masala!
    Tell them to make it Indian hot(aka Desi Hot) for some added heat!

  9. Tower Indian in Cary is fantastic.

  10. I agree that Tower Indian is fantastic. It’s a great place to get authentic Inidan vegetarian food as it is served in the south of India. By the way, it is not in Cary, but Morrisville.

  11. finally, indian delivery in durham!!!

  12. i ate here last night and it was fantastic. i enjoyed everything. the coconut chutney was very fresh and the sambar was comforting. we had the matter paneer, the dal, the dosa, samosas, an uttapam, and pakoras. i tried everything but the dosa and it was all great. he made everything pretty spicy, but in a good way.

    the decor is very minimal and i don’t know that they have the heat on, but just remember you are there for the food.

    i am also really excited to have an indian restaurant that delivers in durham. it’s about time.

  13. we just got some take out from K&C and it was awesome! we had the masala Dosa which was as big as my head, but flavorful and spicy with potatoes and onions and toasty black mustard seeds throughout. the crepe was soft an moist and just a lil toasty at the edges. coconut chutney was nice, just a tad sweeter than it should have been.

    I had the chicken tika masala upon recommendation of an Indian patron waiting for his own order. it was amazingly flavorful, creamy and just a bit tangy. chicken was surprisiingly tender and moist for breast meat. My husband thinks that bit just sealed the deal on it.

    the only negative point was that they got part of our order wrong and we didnt notice till we got home. My husband had ordered the chicken Korma, but instead, i think we got dahl. the dahl was a nice mellow yellow lentil dahl, whick i know isnt supposed to be overly spiced. we just ate it, no big deal, it all cost the same anyway.

    Portions were perfect. we thought it wouldnt be enough when we saw the small containers, but splitting the Dosa was the key. I’d like to see more chutney offerings.

    all in all, we were happy and will def be back…or they’ll be back to us!

  14. I went over there today and had the chicken tikka masala and the saag paneer (although without the paneer), both medium spicy. Both were excellent, and had just the right level of spiciness for me. I thought the portions were too small – I’d expect to have some leftovers with two orders for one person. Perhaps it was just so tasty that I snarfed more than I usually would. There was a ton of rice, though.

    I actually tried to order delivery but it seemed pretty clear that they don’t know their way around town yet. I thought it would be easier to just pick it up than to try to convey the directions to my house. Also, avoid parking directly in front of the store, and instead use the lot on the right side. I parked in front and found it very dangerous to back out onto Guess Road to get out.

  15. Danger! If you park in that lot, you are likely to get scolded by the not-so-friendly owner of the “scooter and gun repair” shop.

  16. Ran across this post and realized I’d driven by the place since they opened and didn’t notice it had changed from taqueria to Kabab & Curry.
    The proprietor, Michael, was one of the co-founders of Sitar and has been in the restaurant business for quite some time (by his count he’s had 9 restaurants! in the Triangle and Charlotte). He chose this location because the rent is low and therefore he can have very affordable prices on his menu. As reported, ambience inside is non-existant , but delivery is free.

    Last night I picked up Vegetarian take-out from there: Masala Dosa and veg. Samosa, both excellent and properly dried, they were accompanied with a green sauce, to our palates a salsa verde, which was great, and the ingredients tasted very fresh. For entrées we had Saag Paneer and Dhal Makhini – both also very good, especially the Saag Paneer, which wasn’t overwhelmed by the clarified butter unlike that served at Dale’s. Overall the food was spiced nicely- not an explosion of taste in one’s mouth but rather a subtle ensemble of pleasant flavors.
    RIce pudding was tasty, as well, and again, not too sweet but well balanced.

    We’re also psyched about free delivery (makes it much easier with a baby in the house) and would definitely recommend this restaurant to all.

  17. We got takeout from there this weekend.

    We ordered two entrees and some side dishes. The entrees each came with a scant pint of entree and a full pint of rice.

    Good things:

    The food was better than I expected and better than most of the Indian I’ve had in the area.

    It was relatively cheap for Indian food with entrees for $7.95 and $8.95 and cheaper side items.

    Bad things:

    It took 20 minutes to get my food and I was the only one in the restaurant at the time. I can’t imagine how slow they’d be if there were other people waiting for food as well. Next time, I’d call in the order if I were getting take out.

    The decor isn’t just minimal, the walls and floors in the dining area were dirty. An electrical outlet had a missing faceplate.

    I doubt any cleaning/renovation had been done in the dining area since the Mexican place closed.

    The health rating displayed was fine (mid 90’s) but appeared to be for the Mexican restaurant, not the current place.

    I’m less concerned about the health rating now that someone mentioned that the owner has run restaurants before.

    The parking lot to the south of the restaurant belongs to the scooter shop and they threaten to tow.

    It’s difficult to get out of the parking spots if you park directly in front of the restaurant because you have to back out into Guess Road near a busy intersection.

  18. I’ll say first that I really like Dale’s Indian Cuisine. I like the extensive menu, and when I’ve ordered something interesting, it has usually been very good.

    So I was hoping to disprove (to myself) the statement in this blog that Kabab & Curry was better than Dale’s. But I have to admit that I couldn’t do it.

    All four of us (including two kids, 8 & 12) loved the food at Kabab. The service was slow (they were kinda busy), but the food was all-round outstanding. I had the sag paneer and a masala dosa. The dosa was particularly good. Others had goat biryani, chicken tiki masala and chicken vindaloo. Everyone was mightily impressed.

    And for our longish wait (not as long as we would have waited at Dale’s) we got complimentary servings of rice pudding, possibly the best I’ve ever had.

  19. Had lunch today and survived getting out of the parking lot alive, but just barely. The food was excellent, but the naan needs work. The service was good and food was served quickly. Don’t much care for the Styrofoam plates and paper cups and I am also concerned a little about the cleanliness of the place.

  20. Picked up some supper there last week. Waited about 15 minutes while it was cooked. Place didn’t seem dirty to me, but shabby (maybe it’s gotten busier and he’s fallen behind). Strangely, I though this boded well for the food. Picked up a lamb vindaloo for my husband and he really liked it – said it was quite hot, but flavorful. I just did appetizers – samosas, pakoras and the uttapam with their sauces and it was all yum. Even managed to pull out onto Guess Rd with no trouble at all.

  21. Stopped back in tonight for the tikka masala, saag paneer, and pakoras. All very good — probably the best tikka masala I have had in the area. This place is really turning out to be an awesome addition to Durham.

  22. I just dropped in for lunch, we ordered the Veg Samosa, Chicken Korma, Chicken Biryani and Roti. It was all great and the roti was the perfect accompaniment. I’ve not tried their naan but based on the suggestions above that it wasn’t stellar, I think I had a winner with the roti.

  23. Can someone tell me how to park there so that the douchebag next door doesn’t have me towed? Is the only answer to either wait until the 3 spaces are clear, or to park on the street (and hope I don’t get burgled by the Durham locals) and walk a couple of blocks?

  24. EngineJoe: I’d say if you’re concerned about getting “burgled by the Durham locals,” the answer is to go eat in Cary.

  25. EngineJoe: You are hereby banned from Durham.

  26. This place is so hot right now. I also had the lamb biryani and it was very good.

    Expect a wait if you go during prime hours. It is worth it. Also double check your order.

  27. EngineJoe: Just stay in Cary-so the scary locals wont be tempted to burgle you. Plus, alot of them are brown, and might just startle you unexpectedly

  28. so after reading this review and all the delightful comments, my boyfriend and i decided to give this place a shot as it’s only 5 minutes from our house. had no problem ordering etc (although we were planning on eating there but when bf got a whiff of the bleach we decided on takeout). we left for the 15 min takeout time and when returned, we saw a man with a tow truck and several sad people standing around cars with boots on them. i figured our strategy would be for bf to stay in the car while i ran out and grabbed the food. as we were sitting there deciding what to do the tow truck guy came and told us to leave. i told him that we weren’t parked and were just sitting in the car. he said we were parked and we sort of had a little yell situation back and forth. eventually we left and parked at the hot dog stand across the street, got the stupid food and went home. as we were leaving i saw that a cop car had pulled up and was talking to the sad booted people. long story short, there’s an asshole with a tow truck sitting around waiting for people to boot.

    as for the food it was fine but i was very sad that there were only 4 vegetarian choices. you’d think an indian restaurant might have more options 😦 but the pakoras were extremely crisp and amazing and the saag paneer was good. i think next time i’ll just get 5 orders of pakoras and have at them.

    also we tried to call them first but over about ten calls we got voicemail 7 times and what sounded like a modem 3 times. when we actually went there and i told them that the phone didn’t work they implied that the phone had a life of its own and there was nothing they could do. maybe they’ll fix it soon so that we can just get delivery and not have to deal with the terrible tow truck man who raises the ire of anyone within ten feet of his person.

  29. sorry one more thing, we got the chicken korma hot and saag paneer medium. unfortunately they were both totally unspicy. maybe we’ll just have to get everything hot next time and hope that that works…

  30. got take-out two days ago, food was excellent, especially the pakoras. i parked around back, behind
    the tienda, then squished through the mud past the scooter people who gave me glares. best of luck to the restaurant, hopefully they’ll resolve things with their bitchy neighbors.

  31. went again last night. long waits. they were busy and methodical it seemed, not flustered – well maybe not too much. i parked in front of the tienda next door – don’t know if that’s as problematic as parking in the gunsmith’s lot – but there was a sign posted from the landlord about the gunsmith’s lot.

    i really don’t want to write about the food because i’ll just start wanting pakoras again… 🙂

  32. decided to try for delivery again last night and was successful! no problems with the phone, the food came very promptly, all was fresh and delicious. the saag and biryani was good and spicy this time and the pakoras were still magical. no tow truck man and no leaving the house. i think that this shall have to become a weekly ritual (hopefully we can contain it to just a weekly ritual..instead of say, a thrice-weekly ritual).

  33. Tried this place out today with the rest of Durham, apparently. I got the saag paneer and my friend got the tikka masala. It was very good! They only had 3 people working there, so the wait for the food was about 30 minutes. We lucked out and got a prime parking spot. Definitely worth another visit. Thanks for the heads up about this place!

  34. Went there with a couple of friends last week. They were out of dosas, so we got pakoras and samosas, which were fine. Good tamarind sauce.

    I ordered the lamb vindaloo, which was good, but not anywhere near spicy enough for my liking. I got to try the saag paneer – very good. The gulab jammun we had for dessert were yummy.

    Overall – very good for the price (~$40 for the three of us, and we had a lot of food). Nothing like Saffron, but then, that’s twice as expensive. My only real complaint was that neither of the breads we had (naan and aloo pratha) were particularly good – both lacked any crispiness and had little flavor.

    I’ll be back to try more things. It’s nice to have a good cheap Indian around. I don’t like Dale’s or Sitar much…

  35. As someone of Indian origin, if I want “good cheap Indian” food in Durham I head for the lunch buffet at A Taste of India.

  36. I love this blog! Reading the comments made me laugh and smile! I’ll definitely have to try this place soon – we could use an alternative to Dale’s.

    I’m surprised that he scooter store people are such douche nozzles. I would have thought that scooter folks would be all open minded and friendly, but apparently not. Given their attitude they’ll go out of business soon…

  37. Yay for new and good Indian restaurants, but though I love Chicken Tikka Masala it is technically a British rendering of another Indian dish.

  38. This place was awesome. The Tikka Masala was indeed good. While the naan was a little bit stale I blamed it on the commute back to my apartment. Otherwise it was a nice change from the expensive Indian establishments I had been to so far in the area.

    The nice man (owner?) informed me that you can park in back, right in front, or in front of the stores that do not have scooters to the right of the entrance. And to think I once thought of owning a scooter.

  39. By “right” of the entrance I in fact meant left. Holding my hands up to the light failed me once again.

  40. they’ve added a bunch more vegetarian options to the menu

  41. Definitely watch out for the scooter lot: http://www.indyweek.com/gyrobase/Content?oid=oid%3A295139

  42. I just had Saturday night delivery, called at 7:05 and food took just over 20 minutes, like they said it would on the phone. The portions were small compared to other restaurants, like some people have said, but for 7.95 an entree, they were a reasonable size.

    The pakoras were decent, but a little cold (what do you expect from delivery though), tikka masala was really good, chicken vindaloo was just eh. Raita and naan were decent. Rice was nothing special…overall I’m pretty psyched to have them so close to me!

  43. took my dad to kabab and curry this weekend when he came in from chicago. he loved it! they’ve definitely added a lot more veggie options (hello malai kofta, my love) and in general it seems like everything just tasted better. that could be because the last few times we got food here we got it delivered (cooling process and all), but i’m just gonna believe that they’ve made everything even more delicious.

    oh, i almost forgot.. as we were close to finishing our food, we saw a proper elderly white couple come in. it seemed like they weren’t very experienced with the whole indian food thing and to ease them into the ordering process, the waitress brought them samples of mango lassi. it was very cute and pretty cool that folks who might not otherwise eat indian food are eating there.

  44. I drove by the Kabab and Curry House today while on a mission(had takeout lunch at Mediterra Grill.YUM!) and had a thought that some of you law school guys may want to pursue pro bono since the scooter guys want to make parking an issue. I noticed that they like to display their scooters in front of their store. I wonder if they are displaying them on a city right of way? I’m fairly certain there is an ordinance against that. I think you should look at any way to screw with them, since they are obviously a bunch of jerks. Strike a blow for the little man!


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