Bean Trader’s Kiosk?

This could be common knowledge or a totally unsubstantiated rumor, but I thought I’d throw it out there either way.  I just heard that the owner of Bean Traders on Ninth St. is going to open a kiosk in the outdoor stand outside of Alivia’s (beware that link, it contains annoying noises and seems outdated) at Main St and Gregson St.  Word is, the plan for now is to be open 6:30am til 11am (Alivia’s opens at 11am) and serve coffee to go.  Not sure when this is set to happen (if it happens).  When it gets warmer, I could definitely see myself enjoying a coffee in the morning on Alivia’s sweet patio.  

On the other hand, Alivia’s has been looking pretty dead lately.  If this rumor’s true, maybe it’s a sign the restaurant is not really in dire straits?  We’ll see.

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  1. It’s true, if I overhear things correctly; I work at the Bean Traders on 9th St, and I’ve heard my boss talking about the new coffee stand in the works. Not sure if it’s supposed to be public knowledge or not, but it should be happening sometime soon.

  2. I’ve heard the rumor too, and I can’t wait to get some Bean Traders coffee this side of town. Now, what do Y’all think about a coffee bike rolling through town?

  3. Last time I ate at Alivia’s I was stunned at how dreadful the food and the service were. Too bad, because the place used to be pretty good.

    If the restaurant is in dire straits, I hardly think the addition of a coffee kiosk is going to help; maybe competent help and a new chef are in order.

  4. Alivia’s has been plagued by problems since it opened. I think it’s massively overpriced and doesn’t live up to those prices. If I remember correctly, they had to fire one chef as they couldn’t pay him enough. Adding a bit of coffee there won’t help.

    It’s a little sad, as the location is fantastic. Honestly, I think the best outcome to see the whole place close down and something better take over.

  5. I have vowed never to go back to Alivia’s because the service was so incredibly bad every time I visited. And I have worked in the restaurant industry for over 10 years, so usually I am very forgiving.

  6. I agree, Alivia’s might be too far gone for anything to save it now. I didn’t mean that the coffee might be able to help; I just thought that if they managed to rent out their kiosk maybe they don’t think they’ll be closing in the next few days.

  7. I’m with the other commenters – Alivia’s is pretty bad. I’ve only been there once and was really put off – the food was not worth the price and the service was nonexistent.

  8. I’ve most likely been very lucky the few times I’ve been to Alivia’s, but certainly not blown away. It’s a neat space, though, so it’s a pity if someone can’t make a go of it. Always thought Alivia’s started off too ambitiously, but one man’s too ambitious is another’s business model, I suppose…

  9. I had brunch at Alivia’s yesterday. The food was great, the service was awful, and the place was half full at noon.

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