Revolution to open in 10 days?

Word on the street is that Revolution (107 West Main St) will be opening in about 10 days.  Exciting!

Now, who can get us an invite to the soft opening? 🙂

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  1. meh.

  2. “Second Mortgage” is not exactly the most tasteful menu heading in the current economic climate. I dislike this place already.

  3. my sentiments exactly

  4. I’ve been looking forward to this place. It will certainly add diversity to the downtown scene. Can’t wait!

  5. I’m with TSQ75 and Gary on this one. One more expense account restaurant. On the other hand, I will give it a fair chance when it opens.

  6. No one seems to complain about Piedmont’s prices, and Revolution’s “Big” section dishes are actually equivalent or cheaper, so I am not sure what the fuss is about.

  7. I don’t care what they charge for their food, but doesn’t grouping entrees by cost under the heading “Second Mortgage” during an economic climate where people are getting kicked out of their homes in record numbers strike you as the least bit obnoxious?

  8. No, Gary, it doesn’t strike me as obnoxious – it’s just a joke. I’m anxious to try out the place.

  9. Piedmont food has direction and theme. Revolution’s proposed menu is all over the place. That’s the biggest issue to me – the menu seems to lack direction, genre and thought. It looks cobbled together, not considered.

  10. I agree with Gary. Their food may very well turn out to be great, but the thought of a place full of people laughing about having to take out a second mortgage is a turn off.

    Of course, the people out there who actually are taking out second mortgages and losing their homes is not the target audience for this place, so they can probably afford to make fun of them.

  11. I don’t know anyone from the restaurant, but I think that menu was written some time ago and am prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt that they are not using the term to “make fun of” anyone. The phrase “take out a second mortgage” is pretty common when describing something expensive, and although some may find it in poor taste to use it in today’s economic climate, it is quite clear (to me, at least) that the phrase is being used facetiously and not in a mean-spirited way.

  12. Well said, RPP. If that section was called, “Foreclosure Foods” people would have a legitimate complaint. The listings as they are – Small, Big, Second Mortgage – makes sense to me. It’s low, medium, then high priced, in that order. Pretty simple.

  13. “Second Mortgage” didn’t strike me as mean-spirited, just clueless and out of touch. I know it’s tongue in cheek, but there’s an exclusivity about it that, in the current climate and especially in a town like Durham that has more than its share of poverty, is a turn-off as 9/9 said.

  14. Agreed.

  15. I think you people need to lighten up. I mean, seriously. If you really believe that these people were actually “making fun” of these people when they wrote this menu, then there really is something wrong with you. You should be more ashamed for encouraging this banal and short-sighted conversation in an attempt to disparage this restaurant. That in itself is mean-spirited and cruel. Seriously, LIGHTEN UP.

  16. I think it boils down to this place not being everyone’s cup o tea. some people would rather not eat at overpriced high end restaurants. for some its because of affordability, for some its on principle.

    I dont think anyone is really implying that the place is *purposely* making light of a bad economic situation, and excluding a large section of the Durham community…sometimes it just happens that way.

    if nothing else, the opening of this place is directly tied to the opening of the DPAC. An offering of high-end eating to folks coming in for big ticket shows, etc

    we eat where we chose for our own reasons, and i, for one, begrudge no one their choice.

  17. Well said, TSQ75, and I think that represents the last word on the matter as far as I’m concerned. I’m now going to lighten up, seriously, LIGHTEN UP and move on.

  18. In Revolution’s defense their menu has been up for many months now. They used the Second Mortgage heading on their menu long before the economic meirde hit the fan.

  19. I tried this place for the first time tonight. Here are my thoughts:
    (a) the service was awful. Our waiter checked in with us almost right away and then disappeared. When he finally reappeared I asked if there were any specials. He said yes and just stared at me. So I asked him if he would please explain them, and he did. The problem is he apparently left a few off. Later on we overhead a different waiter sharing specials with his table, and he added in several entrees our waiter had not shared. I would not say our waiter was rude, but he came off as inexperienced and with little knowledge about what he was doing and where he was working.

    (b) the appetizers were interesting and very good. We ordered two and loved them both.

    (c) the entrees were fine but nothing special. I thought my food was good but not so good I would go running back for more.

    (d) my dessert was awful. I had the chocolate cake which was dry and flavorless.

    If we went again (and we’ve got no plans to make any special trips back) we’d sit at the bar and order appetizers and have drinks.

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