Capital Seafood Market & Grill


Capital Seafood (1304 University Dr) sells lots of fresh underwater creatures and also deliciously fries some of them up for you.


The grill menu also includes some traditional soul food entrees and sides.  When we went, not everything was available (it seemed the owner and/or cook had had some kind of personal emergency making him run late) but what we had made me more than willing to go back later to try some pork chops and turnip greens.  This time, we got a lot of fried goodness.



The lunch specials come with two sides, hushpuppies, and tea (sweet, of course).  My personal favorite part were the hushpuppies, which were, I thought, the exact right consistency and greasiness.  We also got fried whiting, fried shrimp, fries, and rice & gravy.  Proving I’m not just a complete sucker for anything fried, I didn’t really dig the fries (they seemed generic and frozen), but everything else was good, fresh, and flavorful.



Capital Seafood Market & Grill
1304 University Dr
Market: 9a – 6p Mon-Sat (7p on Fri)
Grill: 11a-7p Mon-Sat (8p on Fri)
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  1. Through some trick of physics, they also fry their fish to a temperature hotter than the earth’s core. I love their fish sandwiches, even if I have to eat them sitting cross-legged outside on the cement walk, repeatedly burning my fingers and tongue on the food.

    I think the smarter route would be to buy a drink along with the sandwich, and to take them both down the block to Forest Hills Park where there are tables. In the summer, you can even watch people playing ultimate. Of course, you’d have to worry about pet dogs stealing your sandwich, which may have cooled to a proper temperature by the time you got there. But it’s a chance worth taking.

  2. I’ve never eaten there but there always seems to be a line of folks ordering whenever I go there to get fresh blue crabs.

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