Top Dog: Hot Dogs on Chapel Hill St.


Don’s Dogs (formerly located on the corner of Buchanan Blvd./Chapel Hill St.) was demolished to make way for the Emily Krzyzewski Center.  Durham hot dog enthusiasts, I think, took this loss kind of badly.  The dogs were awesome and scoring a meal there with only some change in your pocket felt pretty good.  Happy days are here again, however, and hotdogs are now being served fresh in that same Durham neighborhood.  This Sabrett’s stand called Top Dog parks on Chapel Hill St., corner of Gattis St., one block west of Buchanan Blvd.


At Top Dog, $2 buys a meal: hotdog or sausage, a bag of chips and a soda.  A single dog is $1.  I’ve tried the dog and the sausage and think the hotdog is going to be my usual.  Getting chili (for no extra charge) on top is recommended.  Top Dog is open for business M-F (sometimes Sat.) for lunch and dinner, but closes up earlier at 4:30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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  1. dont forget, the hot dog stand at the Home Depot at North point….2 dogs, drink, chips…$5

    the new tradesman meal since the beloved taco truck was removed from the parking lot a couple of years back

  2. I live in the area, and I stopped in for lunch today. I was his first customer, at about 11:45.

    This seems like a really strange location to me, but maybe it’ll work out for him. The guy’s friendly, the hot dogs are exactly what you’d expect, and it’s hard to beat that price.

  3. Sabrett’s is as good a name as any other, though it’s actually the name of the supplier (like Vienna Beef in Chicago). There’s another Sabrett’s sign in the window of the gas station down the street (at Gregson), though their quality is hit or miss. I’ve had good fried chicken there.

  4. I haven’t seen a sign with the real name of this stand, but we asked the proprietor and learned that it’s called Top Dog. Apparently he used to operate out of that gas station down the street at Gregson, but that’s now Tier’s Grill. You can really never have too much grilled meat on one block.

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