Pinhook–very, very soon

The buzz on Pinhook (117 W. Main St) sure is hot right now.  And with very good reason.  We checked out the inside earlier this week and the place is DONE and looks AMAZING.

Just to clarify, so no one shows up empty-handed and forced to remain sober, the show tomorrow (Saturday) is going to be BYOB–they are still waiting on one last tiny signature on their liquor license and will be open, for serious, by Troika (which starts next Thursday November 6), and possibly even earlier next week.

So, go to the show tomorrow to check out what will soon be your new favorite bar and an awesome-sounding performance, but bring your own drink.

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  1. It’s cool that there is a historical basis for calling this place the Pinhook, but the name still makes me think of two kinds of parasitic worms.

  2. Very soon, like less than 2 hours from now 🙂

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