Durham Char-Grill to open October 27th

There is now a sign on the Durham Char-Grill (Hope Valley Commons): October 27th is the date.

I have yet to try a Char-Grill burger.  I am very curious to see if it can hang with OnlyBurger.

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  1. I’ve had a Char-Grill burger over in Raleigh, and while it’s quite tasty, I’ve got to say OnlyBurger is better.

  2. Hurray! Char-Grill in Durham, I can’t wait. Char-Grill is way better than any national fast food chain. But it may not be as good as Wimpy’s. As for Only Burger, I’ll let you know as soon as I can find that damn bus…

  3. Char-Grill is not quite as good as OnlyBurger, but it is faster, cheaper, and you know when and where to find it at all times.

  4. Char-Grill serves a respectable fast-food burger, but OnlyBurger (and Wimpy’s, and the Fed) wins hands-down. I still recall my first trip to Char-Grill as a freshman at NCSU… I still think the shake are too thick, though. And the fries are definitely skip-able. I recommend the Steak Jr. (a rectangle burger) on your first visit.

  5. for some reason the OnlyBurger truck was at duke today,
    around 5, in an out-of-the-way parking lot, with no apparent event or customer base in sight. or maybe it was only a mirage.

  6. Only: better meat, not overcooked, better quality of toppings.

    Char: stable location, variety of main offerings, shakes, APPLE TURNOVERS, refills on drinks, seating, no cranky ordertaker telling you that you can’t order a burger “with A and B only” but you have to do “everything but X Y Z.”

  7. Thanks for the update – I’ve got Cook Out, Char-Grill, and Only Burger on my must try list. My list keeps growing so I had better stop cooking and get some take out soon!

  8. It sure is hard to beat Cook-Out!

  9. word to that!

  10. I must admit, I love Cook-Out because of their shakes, but I have never understood the fascination with the burger. Call me crazy, but I would much prefer a Six Dollar Burger from Hardees.

  11. Wimpy’s all the way here!

    Had a wonderfully sloppy all-the-way double cheeseburger there at 10:30am a couple of weeks ago. Heaven 🙂

  12. I don’t know how this one will be, but until you sit outside and get a burger and chocolate shake at the Chargrill on Hillsborough St., please hold your judgement. It’s not the best burger in the world, but it’s just something about it that fills classic in every way. Also, probably best to wait until spring or one of the last rare nice days of the year.

  13. Oh, and by the way, Only Burger is kindof a fixture at Duke now from what I hear. They are parking under the Plaza on Union Dr. I’ve seen them there for about two weeks straight now.

  14. Indeed.. it seems they will be around Duke for lunch until at least the end of the year. They even take Duke Cards!

  15. They (Only Burger) will also be at Wine Authorities (in the back) tomorrow during the WA wine tasting — from 12:30 – 2. Wine and burgers….mmm.

  16. Char Grill is the BEST! Steakburger cooked on open flame…..nothing better on the planet. The fries are awesome and though they only have two flavors of shakes (Choc & Van) I’d drive past 10 DQ’s for 1. Worth a 15-30 minute wait for the food. No Doubt. If you haven’t eaten there….eat n’believe!!

  17. Mrs. BCR and I checked it out yesterday, since we had to go to Southpoint anyway.

    Meh. The steakburger was exceptional, but we weren’t impressed with the fries, which tasted like they were frozen. And the shakes we were definitely not impressed with.

    In terms of burgers: OnlyBurger’s still better, by a hair over Char-Grill and Five Guys, both ahead of Cook-Out.

    Fries: OnlyBurger and Five Guys come out way in front of Cook-Out, then Char-Grill.

    Shakes: I’d take Cook-Out over C-G any day.

  18. i was raised on the original char-grill’s burgers, and am a regular at the edwards mill location in raleigh. i tried the durham location shortly after it opened.

    the food was just as tasty as at the others, but it left me with an overwhelming salty sensation that stuck with me for a good 24 hours afterward. possibly MSG? i’ve never had that happen at the raleigh locations so i think they’re not following the formula religiously at the durham location.

    the durham location has indoor seating, music piped in, and self-serve condiments and drinks which is absolute heresy (to me, anyway, and to everyone in my family. i imagine to those not exposed to decades of indoctrination, this is not that big of a deal.)

    i still think a hamburger steak (the big one) is one of the best, maybe the best flame-cooked burger in the area. i find the steak jr. gets a little dried out.

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