Tokyo Fun!

Toyko Fun (4325 Highway 55), RTP’s latest Japanese restaurant, loves being part of Durham, and it shows.

They’ve got a full sushi menu, as well as noodles, bento boxes, etc., and for starters we got an appetizer called “Negimaki beef” — thinly sliced beef wrapped around green onions and covered with some super-umami sauce.  The beef was delicious but the onions tasted a little wimpy.  I get the feeling it would be a bit fresher during lunch, when it’s probably much more busy.

I’d heard some great things about their sushi, so we went for the Angry Dragon roll (shrimp tempura, cucumber, eel, crunchy spicy tuna and 4 kinds of tobiko on top), which was right up there with Shiki and Sushi Love.

Since Tokyo Fun also has a 2-for-1 sushi deal, we got the unbearably cute Durham roll (crab, cucumber, avocado, tobiko), which was the special roll of the night. That is some honest-to-goodness Durham love. Both of the rolls were beautifully done and delicious.

The sushi was good, but my favorite dish was the Yaki udon noodles, which are pan-fried and served with steamed vegetables. I could have eaten two or three of these plates on my own.

The decor was fun and thoughtfully put together — especially one set of overhead lights that was covered by a bunch of oversized inverted drink umbrellas — and the staff was incredibly nice. Go for the sushi, noodles, and service and stay for the mesmerizing rococo lamp contraption.

Tokyo Fun (919.544.9696)
Sunday – Thursday: 11 am – 3 pm, 5 pm – 9 pm
Friday: 11 am – 3 pm, 5 pm – 10 pm
Saturday: closed for lunch, 5 pm – 10 pm

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  1. much improved over the shitty chinese place that used to be in this location. My coworkers at the bank loved that place, and I hated it.

  2. I love the sushi here. The service is great and they have done a great job fixing it up. They just need to fix up the landscaping outside. Definitely recommend.

  3. I had lunch there today, we got 6 rolls, 5 winners and 1 pass. I really liked it, definitely as good as Shiki on a good day, and Sushi Love any day.

    The winners (from tastiest):

    Obama – eel topped with lobster wasabi salad, FANTASTIC
    Tokyo Fun – very tasty
    Italian Stallion – tempura softshell crab topped with white tuna and spicy mayo
    Volcano – not baked like most other places, good
    Spicy Bad Girl – good, with a delicate nuanced flavor

    The meh:

    Angel Roll – Just too much going on, and that left the flavors muddied.

    The staff was really nice, the decor was pretty, and the price was great, all that + 2 drinks for $48, and I don’t need much dinner tonight.

    I’ll definitely go back to try some of the bento boxes and more of the sushi as that was only half of the rolls that I wanted to try.

  4. Are you guys going to re-open??? me and my girlfriend have been waiting to dine. Thank You

  5. According to Claire at the Independent (, Tokyo Fun has a new owner and will reopen today as Asian Kitchen.

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