All People Grill, or, why I love Durham

I am in love with All People Grill (6122 Guess Rd). I have been trying to go to this restaurant/bar/blues club out in the middle of nowhere for at least 6 months, but it seemed to be perpetually closed. Last night they finally opened for a show by Cool John Ferguson. It was a really great time.

All People Grill is basically three rooms — a kitchen with 3 tables and some stools, a medium sized room with a bar where people dance and stand, and a small room where the band sets up. It has been open since 1952. 

The show was $15, and beers were $3. Cash only. At around 11:30 we got very hungry, and luckily the kitchen was still going strong. We treated ourselves to a 1 (bbq chicken) and 3 (mac & cheese, peas, beans) for $6. It hit the spot.

The staff was great, and the patrons were a very diverse bunch that loved to dance. Rumor is they will start opening again on a regular basis, but I wasn’t able to get any firm information. If they regularly open the bar, I will without a doubt become a regular. I am convinced that everyone living in Durham should catch a show here at least once.

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  1. I’m so glad this place is still up and running! I tried to go so many times this summer but no luck. Did they have anything resembling a concert schedule?

  2. I, too, have tried to go. How’d you know when the show was happening?

  3. DNR: No.. I don’t think they know yet. My impression is that someone heavily involved with the place recently died, and they are just now figuring out how they are going to proceed.

    John: Thread on Chowhound.

  4. Cool John to return early November

  5. […] John Ferguson at All People’s Grill Cool John Ferguson will be doing two shows at All People’s Grill (6122 Guess Rd) on May 6 and May 30, both starting at 10pm.  (We will probably go to both.) […]

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