Antonio’s Coney Island

Antonio’s Coney Island is located in a Shell station at 5108 Wake Forest Hwy. Because this is the former home of short-lived Carolina Steak & Cheese, I had to order a steak & cheese when I saw one on the menu.

The combo pictured above ran about $6.50.  While it wasn’t bad, it was pretty generic and the steak & cheese was very very skimpy. And by very, I mean very.

They also had burgers, chicken fingers, and similar fare.

(Update) We will be going back to try the hot dogs soon.

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  1. In my opinion, when you review a place called Antonio’s Coney Island, you should report on the hot dogs, not the cheese steak. It’s OK to include other items on the menu in the review, but the review should feature the star of the menu, especially if you imply that you won’t go back. Antonio’s might have great dogs, but now your readership will be disinclined to go there and we might miss another Roast Grill.

    Feel free to delete or edit my comments, but do read them and think about them.

  2. We would never delete or edit your comments.

    The steak and cheese was listed as a special, so I tried that. The reason we leave comments enabled is to foster a discussion… please feel free to review the hot dogs and report back.

  3. I’m just happy that I live in a town where we have people who will review the food at a gas station. Bagging on a New York Times food critic for ordering off of the kiddie menu might be appropriate, but if you have to walk past a register-side display of off-brand sex pills to get to the order counter, I’d say you get to review whatever you’re in the mood to get.

  4. I don’t think bloggers realize the impact that they can have on the success or failure of a business. If the place they are reviewing was established with a particular specialty in mind that specialty should be the primary focus of the review. If that specialty is ignored for something else then the blogger is not being responsible to either the readers or the establishment. It gives the impression that the blogger is more interested in filling space in a blog than responsible reporting.

    Sure, everything on the menu should be incredible, but the reality is that a specialty restaurant in a gas station is going to be limited in what they can do well. Going to a place that specializes in hot dogs and only reviewing the cheese steak seems to be irresponsible reporting to me. Would you base a review of Andy’s Cheese Steaks solely on one of their hot dogs?

    Since I’m on my soapbox I may as well bring up something else that bothers me. Basing a report, either good or bad, on one visit does not give a true picture of a restaurant. Anything can happen once and it probably will during a reviewers visit. I know that would cut the volume of the blog in half but I’d rather have fewer reviews that are based on several visits. After all, a jury has 12 members, not one. 😛

  5. We will go back for the hot dogs.

    I agree with you that a single review does not present the most accurate picture of a restaurant. However, our goal is to share our experiences eating in Durham with people, not to serve as professional restaurant critics. Reporting on a single experience is an accurate reflection of that experience, and we do not claim to be doing anything more. Part of the reason that we do not assign restaurants ratings is because we share your concerns.

  6. Yes, bloggers can have a significant impact, but that shouldn’t restrict them from expressing their opinions as they wish, whenever they wish, about whatever they wish. As CD/RPP writes, we’re not professional critics…

  7. You have taken on the role of food experts by writing about your dining experiences. Many people will believe anything that they read on the internet. By not using some restraint and common sense in what you write about a business you can easily cause it to fail.

  8. Maybe I’m naive, but I assume that most of our readers are smart enough to take our posts for exactly what they are, which may not be much, and use them to make a slightly more informed decision than they otherwise would have been able to make about whether to eat somewhere. There is always a trade-off between depth and breadth. This blog is obviously about breadth–we want to try, and then tell people about, as many places as possible. People can certainly believe everything they read here, and what they do with that information is up to them.

  9. Blewgo, instead of wasting our time whining about a perfectly fine review of a non-hot dog menu item, why don’t you get off your lazy arse and go try one of their hot dogs and tell us if they’re any good or not?

  10. Since the text of the original post that I was complaining about has changed I don’t think I need to do a review. Thanks for the changes RPP. I hope the hot dogs are good.

  11. I have eaten her three times now and the dogs are great. My favorite thing is the loose hamburger. Which is loose ground beef in a hotdog bun. Somewhere between a sloppy joe and hot dog chili.

  12. My church has visited this restaurant several times. We have had a nice time on every visit. We have had as many as 12 people at one time, and service was very fast and with a happy attitude. I have had a hot dog, cheese burger, chicken gyro, and philly cheese, all seems fine to me and my church. By the way Antonio is so cute. Lisa

  13. HEY-HEY, its finally here what we all been waiting for the one and only best “Coney Island” in Durham, NC. Whoever is from DETROIT-Michigan, they know about coney island. I tried almost everything. But the best thing about the place is the friendliness of the people working there. I met Antonio, he is really a great guy, he isnt worry about making the money but worried about making the customer happy with the food and the customer service. You know they have this thing going on now if you dont like the food you automatically get your money back. You cant beat that deal, so go ahead what are you all waiting for go try the food at Antonio’s Coney Island. Let me help you out its 5108 Wake Forest Hwy-98 durham an if you need help with direction the number is (919)596-1212 they will be more then welcome to assist you direction. from your boy Marky-Mark


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