Bleg! Chili in Durham?

Who has the best chili in Durham? Actually, who has chili at all in Durham?

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  1. Though I’ve never had it, the Pub in Woodcroft Shopping center has it. Everything else I ever had to eat there was pretty decent, so it may be worth a try 😉

  2. The chili at the Original Q-Shack is excellent.

  3. you do mean “bowl of beany goodness” chili, right? Not the mid-southwestern green “chili on everything possible”

  4. Chili at Sunset Grill is pretty servicable if you like a beefy Texas-style chili.

  5. It’s chain, but you can’t go wrong with Ted’s Montana Grill.

  6. I make a pretty good chili, methinks 🙂

    More or less this one:

    I’ve never had one anywhere near as good anywhere near here.

    I know that wasn’t the answer you were looking for…..

  7. It’s not exactly chili, but you can get this nice bowl of corn soup, which is described as follows: “Creamy corn soup topped with fresh roasted corn, crumbled queso fresco and chile strips…4.25 / 5.95”.

    All this can be yours if you drive (or walk) down to Mez. HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW!!!!

  8. Bull McCabe’s Irish Pub has Pretty good Chili.

  9. Try Bennett Pointe Grille way out Hillsborough Road. In addition to the chili the fired chicken salad, wings and fried oysters are also pretty darn good. Atmosphere is definitely casual and I think it pulls a mostly northern Durham crowd.

  10. Cool, we love Bennett Pointe Grill (

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