What? Chicken Hut.

Chicken Hut (3019 Fayetteville St) has been in its current location since the late 1960’s–apparently a lot of the current regulars have been going there since they were kids.  It’s actually one of the oldest food establishments in Durham (second only to Bullock’s BBQ); established in 1957, it was originally the Chicken Box and was on Roxboro (check out an old photo at Endangered Durham).

Anyway, it is still going strong.

A meal at Chicken Hut is an inexpensive and delicious feast (and could really be more like two meals).  For $5.50 you get a meat and two sides and rolls.  This here is two meals (after some devouring) plus two extra sides of meat and a peachy dessert (we wanted to try as much as possible, ok?  We took a lot home, but I am never eating again anyway).  Not shown is the coconut pie that I also got, which was probably my favorite item.

If you can’t tell, that is a lot of bbq, and what’s left (about half) of a salisbury steak.

OBR and I liked everything we tried (which was clearly a lot).  We did not try the fish, and there was no baked chicken today, so I’ll have to go back for that.  But the fried chicken was juicy, crispy, and wonderful.  The greens (and you know I am a greens snob) were among the best I’ve had around here; good with or without the hot sauce.  The bbq was the exact right amount each of spicy, sweet, and vinegary.

Writing this is kind of making me want to break into my leftovers.  That was possibly my shortest “never eating again” ever.

Chicken Hut: 3019 Fayetteville St.
Dining room: M – F, 11:30-2:30
Take-out: M – F, 11:30 – 4
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  1. “What? Chicken Hut.”


    Speaking of chicken butt (or at least, beer butt chicken), click on the link.

    Speaking of Chicken Hut: Long ago at the Duke Hospital North Cafeteria, there was a dude at the door whose job it was to make sure that only staff ate were admitted during lunchtime rush hour. (Patients and visitors would have to wait. I think the policy is long canceled.)

    Anyway, his nametag read “Chicken Hut” and some folks in my lab made a point of looking at the tag every time they went to lunch, because it amused them so.

    Thanks for this blog. Those lunches look great.

  2. Your devotion to real, simple, non-trendy food is admirable. I’ll see your Chicken Hut and raise you one Current Cafeteria.

  3. Thanks for reminding me — I love Current Cafeteria (and it is right down the street). I will write about it this week.

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