La Cordobesa

La Cordobesa (map) may not have the absolute best Cubano torta I’ve had (that award still goes to Costa Azul), but the Cordobesa Cubano does win in terms of sheer number of different meats: FIVE.  Unfortunately I’m not sure what they all were, but here is my best guess: ham, chicken, chorizo (I think), beef, hot dog.  There were no beans or egg, but it did have plenty of queso, avocado, and jalapeno.

We also tried two tacos: lengua and pastor.  I was hoping for some pineapple on the latter, didn’t get any, but was still very happy with it.  The lengua’s texture was just about perfect in its tenderness.  The tortillas (which were doubled up) were almost the best part–they seemed very freshly made and were a little bit greasier than usual (in a good way).

We also had a “picadita” (solas, as opposed to con carne), which we got with green sauce.  It was extremely spicy.  In retrospect, the waitress definitely seemed skeptical that we would be able to handle its hotness.  She was right about one of us.  It was a fluffy thick gordita-type tortilla covered in sauce, crumbly queso, onions, and cilantro.

The fresh salsa situation was lacking a bit, but they did have the cutest bottle of hot sauce (which was also delish) that I’ve seen:

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  1. Five meats, and none of them goat?! Though “hot dog” might technically make it closer to seven or eight meats 🙂

  2. but WHY Hotdog?! i wish someone would explain that to me

  3. Are you sure it’s a hog dog or is it salchicha?

  4. congrats on the mention in the indy!

  5. Beth1:

    while the word Salchicha typically mean sausage, regionalisms tend to come into play, and when you see salchicha on a mexican food menu, it’s typically Hot dog, sometimes even vienna sausage.

    there’s this strange slew of dishes that claim to be the ultimate cuban dish that include things like hot dog and white rice and ketchup, an i’m simply perplexed! lol

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