Beyu Caffe coming to downtown Durham in early 2009


Downtown Durham is getting a new coffee shop.  Beyu Caffe (pronounced be-you), opening early 2009, will be a coffeehouse/bistro featuring:

– Coffee, espresso drinks, loose leaf teas, sodas
– In-store roasting center where customers can purchase fresh beans
– Light breakfast and lunch menu, dinner appetizer menu
– After-work/late-night venue with full bar and entertainment 

The owner is currently soliciting feedback from the community to determine the exact scope of the product offering. Please take a minute to fill out their survey.

This is great news for downtown Durham. No word yet on the exact location.

Here is my tip for earning law student business: outside seating with outlets for laptops. Pretty please. And a good beer selection. 

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  1. Their logo reminds me of the logo for “The Pit”.

  2. They should open up a dessert place next door and call it “tyfl” pronounced, “ti-ful”.

  3. Have you guys tasted tried the samples of the Beyu blend that have been passed out? This stuff is 1000 times better than the sludge the Starbucks has been putting in my cup lately. Hooray for the return of the local coffeehouse.

    I also heard rumors it was going to have jazz at night? Anyone else hear that about Beyu?

  4. Sounds like a great addition to Downtown Durham!

  5. Wow! I remember meeting the owner; this will definitely be a welcome addition to Durham.

    You’re right, the Beyu blend is really good. Much better than the Starbucks I used to get.

  6. Bound to be 20 times better than Starbucks! Most down to earth owner around so definitely check out Beyu.

  7. I heard it is going to be in the historic Rogers Alley building — a very cool green project developed by Greenfire — and they’ll have desserts/pastries, too.

  8. Incredibly exciting that we are getting an actual coffee shop in downtown Durham–on site roasting, live entertainment, even a full bar (?!). This is exactly the kind of place we deserve.

  9. The Owner and his wife are fantastic people and I know the Beyu flavor will raise the bar… for a speciality coffeehouse like no other.

  10. There has been a downtown local coffee shop for 3 years. While I’m glad new business is coming to downtown I’m confused as to why Blue Coffee Cafe is being completely overlooked

    • Nobody wants a coffee shop that serves Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and Hersheys ice cream.

  11. I just met the owner last night. This guy is a gifted and special young man.

  12. I gotta say…Blue Coffe has gone downhill. ya never know when its going to be openin the morning, and they’re never ready at opening time…they’ve got a case of costco muffins and nothing more in the morning.

    It really doesnt feel welcoming at all most days

    my .02

    • to the person above^^TSQ75..what does blue coffee has to do with beyu caffe? two different companies sorry…anywho i cant wait for Beyu caffe to open, its gonna be great!

  13. I heard the segment on NPR last night and loved your story as well as the winery story of NC. I travel to Durham and will try to locate your establishment. Best of luck to you and your bride.
    Toney Ratliff

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