Wine Authorities Party; BURGER TRUCK

Wine Authorities (2501 University Dr) is having their 1st birthday party today, 5 – 7pm.  There will be:

That last one is not listed on the W.A. site but was in the email that they sent out to their list (a fun list to be on if you have any interest in wine and/or free afternoon drinking).  The burger truck is called Only Burger, and will be debuting tomorrow at the party.  Do other people besides me have an irrational love for food coming from trucks?  What is up with that?

They will also give an additional 5% off cases, on top of their normal case discount.  Oh, and there will be a clown.

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  1. the burger truck:

  2. Post updated. Thanks!

  3. >Do other people besides me have an irrational love
    >for food coming from trucks? What is up with that?
    yes! for me, it’s a love of food and an aversion to the sometimes awkward environment of sitting around a table making conversation while someone serves me. and, i like to eat standing up. taco trucks are my favorito.

  4. […] Burger truck: there’s nothing left to say, really. […]

  5. The Burger Truck was awesome!

  6. I laughed out loud at ‘Beth1.’ Good call!

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