World Beer Festival (Durham) Tickets: Now On Sale

World Beer Festival is fast approaching (Oct. 4th).

Tickets ($40) go on sale today at Alivia’s, James Joyce, and Carolina Ale House.  Online sales start Wed. 

There are very few legitimate excuses to miss this event.

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  1. Here are a few…

    1) Can’t walk to it from my house this year
    2) No cask ale tent this year
    3) No new breweries – almost all of the beers at the festival can now be purchased in NC
    4) They raised the ticket price by $5 again
    5) The $80 I would’ve spent on 2 tix will buy a LOT of beer at Sam’s Quik Shop

  2. Sorry to be contrary, but:

    1) It is 0.7 miles from where it usually is. Don’t be lazy.
    2) Eh. That’s unfortunate but no reason to boycott. Also, I thought I heard there were going to be some cask ales, but I could be wrong.
    3) Good for NC! And there might be some new stuff from Triangle Brewery, which could be exciting.
    4) $5 more for unlimited beer? Just drink a bit more.
    5) Part of it goes to a good cause! (The Carolina Theatre) Not that Sam’s is not also a good cause, but still.

  3. Sorry, didn’t mean to be too snarky. My friends and I have been going to the WBF for 6 years now, but we’re going to skip this year. Oh for the days when tickets were only $20 and it wasn’t crowded!

  4. I didn’t take it as snark–I’m full of bitterness because I would totally go this year, but can’t. I think it’s been my favorite day of the year every year for 5 years now.

  5. Anyone have a ticket they are willing to sell for the durham beer fest? VIP or regular, any session!

  6. i might. what’s your contact info?

  7. georg: if you have an afternoon ticket spare, drop me a note at durhamfood[at]gmail[dot]com

  8. I, too, am in search of a 12-4 session ticket. Please let me know if you have one for sale. That’s Carmen period BreenLopez at gmail period com. Hopefully that works!

  9. My apologies to the fine folks at Carpe Durham for aiding and abetting this thread jack. Very inappropriate of me to make such a craigslist-y comment here.

  10. I hate to ask, but I would like tickets. I am a Marine returning from my 3rd deployment to iraq. At first i thougt i wasnt going to make it back in time, but i will be back september 22nd. If you can help a Marine out(since they are sold out online) please contact me asap at loser1 dot l1 at gmail dot com. thanks for any help, or if you know where i can obtain some would be helpful as well. Thanks to all, God Bless, Semper Fidelis!!

  11. I use to go every year but no more, way to overcrowded, maybe new location will help but I doubt it, they still need to put everything under the tent. Use to be a great afternoon/evening trying new beers but now its a mob scene where you can’t even move, much less get to the beer!

    My biggest complaint is that it could be so much more but they don’t care to even try, they’re making a ton of money the way it is so why change.

    The dumping of the empties just doesn’t do it for me anymore, but I hope everyone has a great time despite my hangover comments.

  12. Know anybody with tickets for sale? I just moved here and didn’t find out about it until the tickets were sold out 😦 Please email me if you do. Thanks!

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