Doctor’s Cove Caribbean Restaurant: With an MD in Deliciology

Doctor’s Cove Caribbean Restaurant (map) will definitely cure what ails you (unless you suffer from obesity) (last doctor pun, sorry).   We got some jerk chicken, of course, which was pretty ideally spiced and came (as did all the entrees) with some great rice and even better cabbage and a couple of pieces of plantain.

The curried goat (below) was almost as good.  I am new to goat, and might not be the biggest fan, but according to DNR it was at least several times as good as the goat at Golden Krust.  The chicken patty was even better, but the mind-blower for me was the veggie roti.  If you didn’t know (I didn’t) a roti is some thin but doughy bread wrapped around a stewy delicious mess, in this case with cabbage, potatoes, chickpeas, and some unidentifiable (to me) things that were kind of sweet (possibly including yams).  The roti innards were kind of like the inside of an indian samosa, but a bit sweeter.  Rotis at Doctor’s Cove also come in a few meat flavors.

The prices are also great – three of us spent $27 on food and fancy sodas and had enough left over for at least two more meals.  Also, a student ID will get you $1 off a medium entree (most come in small, medium, or large).  Despite the amount of food that we didn’t eat, my friend summed up our feelings well on the way home when he said, contentedly, “My seatbelt doesn’t fit anymore.”

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  1. Is there any seating at this place?

  2. Yes, plenty of seating.

  3. I am a huge fan of Doctor’s Cove! Thanks for alerting me to it. It reminded me of the Caribbean restaurant Trinbago on Fayetteville St. that closed a few years ago. The Bus-up Shot is a spectacular dish! I got the veggie one and it came with mashed pumpkin, stewed mango, cabbage/peas/carrots, and a potato/chickpea curry. The best part is the delicious roti bread. It’s like a crazy light airy Indian nan bread but kind of in a pile and you just pick up your food with it. They only do roti select days though. The first time we had it on a Friday. We went back on a Tues. and they didn’t have it. I think the cashier said they have it on Wed. This place is not to be missed!

  4. Sad to report – drove by today and this place is closed. Had a for lease sign out front. Too bad.

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