Broad Street Cafe is back, and better

I had read that Broad Street Cafe (1116 Broad St) was getting an overhaul, so I decided to check out the results. I will totally be going there more often now, mainly for the beer selection. They’ve got a few North Carolina beers on tap, my favorite being the Triangle Brewery Pale Ale (which I think is SO MUCH better than the Triangle Golden, but which seems much less commonly found on tap around here. Unless things have changed since I got back to town. I’ve only been back a day so I haven’t yet been back to all the Durham bars. I guess my point is, if you’ve only had the Golden, try the other Triangle options–they are awesome(r). Sorry for that ramble).

The food that I tried at Broad Street, kind of like the new decor, was nice but not striking. I had a Greek Salad that was better than average.  The addition of some delicious sun gold cherry tomatoes brought it up a notch (I’m assuming they are the same local ones I bought later at Whole Foods).

We also got a cheese pizza (one of the biggest changes at BSC is the addition of an oven for wood-firing pizzas) that wasn’t bad, but lacked much of a kick. I’ll give some of their more interesting-sounding options (like the Turkish Pie with lamb and olives) a shot. Full menu is here.

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  1. Cheese pizza can only be so exciting, eh? I had lunch there on Tuesday and I would highly suggest the Turkish pizza. We went back yesterday and the lamb burger is the bees knees!

  2. I dunno, I have had some pretty amazing cheese pizza (at Lilly’s in Raleigh, for one). The sauce at BSC was kind of bland, but I imagine that wouldn’t matter so much with some good lamb or smoked chicken on it.

  3. so i guess “wood-fired pizza” is the new hot foodie item? just seems to be popping up everywhere

  4. It’s not new. Pop’s has been doing them for years. Personally, I’m not sure how much of a difference it really makes. From my tastings around town, my favorite pizzas at Pop’s BD are not wood-fired – except by request on their 10″.

    If pizza were smoked over time in a cooler oven, then you’d really taste the difference (ref: BBQ), but since pizzas are cooked for a very short time at a very high temperature, the effect is smaller.

  5. The vegan pizza is excellent. I also really like the house salad, which is better than the greek one.

  6. durhamfood: I’m not saying it’s actually “new” i’m saying its the new “thing” the new foodie fad…everyone seems to be all up about “wood-fired pizzas” when yes, Pop’s has been doing them for years…

    i’m just glad the Panini craze has died down so I can enjoy my yummy toast paninis in peace! 🙂

  7. lol 🙂

    I’m at BSC right now. Details later.

  8. ok, so the lamb burger was good, but a little small for $8, and I asked for medium-rare and got at least medium. The fries were nice and crispy. I’ll be back to try more stuff.

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