Taqueria Y Birreria Los Comales

Another week, another taqueria: this time it’s Taqueria Y Birreria Los Comales on Roxboro.

Located in an old Dunkin’ Donuts, Los Comales is a taqueria and “birreria,” which apparently roughly translates to “a mess”. Birreria is typically roasted goat (chivo) or mutton (borrego), and while it’s often served in platillos format, at Los Comales it’s in taco form. Wish I had known all this before going! I went for the pollo mole, lengua taco, and (of course) a pupusa.

The lengua was better than most, not quite as good as some, but it was especially good thanks to the extensive salsa bar. The pupusa was unlike any others I’ve had in Durham in that it was filled with a Mexican variant of mozzarella, which lent it a distinctive “Pizza Hut stuffed crust” flavor.

As you can see, the mole was beautiful, but as others have commented, everything was a bit muted compared to other taquerias. I think it’s mostly that the mole at La Vaquita has ruined just about every other mole for me. Still, Los Comales is stellar and absolutely worth a trip. Be sure to try the watermelon agua fresca.

Taqueria Y Birreria Los Comales (map)
Sunday – Thursday: 9 am – 10 pm
Friday – Saturday: 9 am – 11 pm

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  1. You have to try one of their burritos on your next visit. Absolutely huge, and very good as well. I’ve had to stop ordering them. I tell myself I’ll only eat one half, then I keep sneaking back and nibbling until the entire thing is gone and I am completely sick.

  2. I’ve only visited Los Comales once and did not find it as tasty as I was hoping for.

  3. TLH – I’ve done that too! The chicken burrito is gigantic & has a most delicious sour cream/cheese combo inside. I believe it’s only $6 and it’s at least a foot long. Yum.

  4. I’ve been meaning to give their burritos a try, but I’m stuck in a pupusa rut…which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

  5. i tried the quesadilla on a recommendation from a friend, and wasn’t as impressed with it.

    i’ve always enjoyed their tacos, though.

  6. Hey — have you tried the birria de borrego tacos at the truck that parks at the T of Dixon and University (where the old Red and White butcher shop used to be) on weekend night? I actually remembered to search your site before adding this comment. I searched on “birria” and found this solo blog so I’m thinking you haven’t been yet. Or at least that you haven’t had the birria de borrego tacos.

    I’m told that during weekend days, the truck is down a couple hundred yards toward Target. I don’t know about weekdays.

  7. We have not tried that truck yet. Thanks for the tip, we will check it out soon.

  8. Is the truck there during the day on weekdays?

    • I live in the nearby area and, best I can tell, the taco truck you’re referring to is only out on the weekends. As someone mentioned earlier, it continues to park at the “T” of Dixon and University Drive, directly in front of the old Red & White store.

      If you’re looking for a weekday taco truck in this vicinity, there’s one that is open all the time in the parking lot of the nearby shopping plaza at 3205 University Drive. The truck isn’t easy to see from the road unless you’re really looking for it because it sits in the back part of the parking lot where Tienda La Esperanza is located. Its the same plaza that is home to Ray’s Billiards and Domino’s Pizza.

      BEWARE! This area is densely populated with taco tasting options all within about a one mile radius. BEHOLD!

      *Two taco trucks (one during weekdays);
      *Tacostumbras (gas station tacos);
      *Taqueria La Vaquita (Mecca) and;
      *Taqueria y Pupuseria Las Delicias (new on the scene).

      After all this talk of tacos, what should I have for lunch?

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