Taqueria Eva y Gaby & Panaderia 2 Hermanos

Food World on Lakewood and Fayetteville has it all – the second best name for a grocery store ever, a fishmonger, two aisles of frozen Chinese and Korean food, and a great taqueria and panaderia under one roof.

As you can see from the photo, they’ve got a small but terrific salsa bar and a functional menu: tacos, tortas, gorditas, pupusas, sopes, dinner plates, and weekend specials (including menudo!). We got some of everything, including a great torta with huge chunks of avocado, a very good queso pupusa, and the best pollo gordita I’ve had in Durham.

The only hiccup was the lengua taco, which came as whole chunks of meat without any sauce. The lengua I’ve had elsewhere has been stewed and spicy, but the former vegetarian in me couldn’t quite get behind the unadorned tongue.

The panaderia was stocked with lots of fresh sweets, and the two items we got were great, but I have to admit that I’m a total philistine when it comes to Mexican baked goods. Everything tastes the same to me. What do you guys like to order?

Next time you’re down by NC Central be sure to stop by Food World. The gordita and fresh salsas at Eva y Gaby definitely justify a visit.

Taqueria Eva y Gaby & Panaderia 2 Hermanos (map)
Monday – Sunday: grocery store hours

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  1. Re: Lengua
    I say avoid eating anything that can taste you back!

  2. […] lengua was better than most, not quite as good as some, but it was especially good thanks to the extensive salsa bar. The […]

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