Terry’s Country Kitchen

One of the many great things about Durham is that even on the most routine trips, you’re likely to find something new. Last week I drove by the Quick Lube on Roxboro and Cornwallis and noticed that it shares a sign with a place called Terry’s Country Kitchen. According the Herald-Sun, Terry Grey, the assistant food director of the School of Science Math, opened the restaurant back in May, and the food is so good that it’s no surprise that she’s been cooking for 25+ years.

They do breakfast from 7 to 11 am six days a week (FYI – this is the second place I’ve come across that serves liver pudding) and lunch and dinner in the afternoons.  The lunch menu includes “fast food” (burgers, BBQ, chicken, wraps, and – seriously – Steak-Umms) and a revolving menu of dinner plates.  Today they had meatloaf, whiting, and a turkey leg, but other items include BBQ, pork chops, beef stroganoff, and ribs, all of which come with two sides and hushpuppies for $6 to $7.

The turkey was cooked in a tasty white sauce, and the whiting was great but not quite as otherworldly as the tilapia at Leo’s, but the real standouts were the sides.  The fresh fried okra was almost greaseless and full of body, the black eyed peas and collards were both phenomenal, and the yams were perfect – it’s amazing how much flavor comes through when you don’t drown them in sugar.

Sometimes they have sweet potato pie, and if the yams are any indication, it should be good, but to top it off we had a slice of yellow box cake with chocolate icing. The only disappointment was the limited selection (I really had my heart set on ribs – can I put in a bleg for good ribs in Durham?), but everything else was great, from the cozy decor to the service. Terry and the guys she had working the register were all incredibly nice.

One of these days I’m going to get up early and get the “Pigg-out Special”: 2 eggs, home fries, grits, a pancake, sausage, bacon, and a salmon patty.  Mmmmm.

Terry’s Country Kitchen (map)
Monday – Thursday: 7 am – 5 pm
Friday – Saturday: 7 am – 7 pm 

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  1. i went to a CookOut Burger today on Hillsborough by Cole Mill…

  2. a bleg?

  3. Nevermind! I see the link in the “catagories” section of the sidebar.

  4. […] plates. The menu appears to rotate daily, and some of the items sound incredible: liver pudding (third location so far), mackerel cakes, hog jowls, pigs’ feet, BBQ neck bones, liver & onions, […]

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