Wimpy’s brings the chuck to the wagon

Just look at this thing.

I wish I could have captured a better idea of the height of this burger–this Burger, a burger at it’s height–it was work to even get it in my mouth.  But did it ever!

A double cheeseburger with bacon cooked up fresh at Wimpy’s is priceless.  But prices are low.  Which, to me, is what a burger is about–thrift and heft.  I am tired of so-called gourmet burgers and the ten bucks they end up costing.  Rarely are they even that good.  Now, this little tower of a sandwich had the taste of good, fresh ground chuck and the bacon was cooked nice and crisp.  Next time I might forego the cheese.  The beef is just so good and the cheese kind of hides it.  Though the option to slap some chili and slaw on it is tempting.  For starters I’d recommend keeping it simple.  Hamburger, mustard, lettuce, tomato, pickles. 

Say what you will about banana pudding, but some of us at Carpe Durham jones for it.  So watch it!

The pudding was great and had lots of other stuff in the cup (this is good!).  There were distinct layers of vanilla wafers and bananas in the pudding, which itself was definitely banana and not vanilla as it is sometimes.  The merengue on top was a nice surprise.

The hours at Wimpy’s are easily the worst trait.  Yet, starting my day at 7am with a burger of that caliber could turn me into a super hero.  I suspect their biscuits might do the same.

My beastly burger and banana pudding rang me up $8 and would have been a glorious $6 or so without the cheese and bacon indulgences.  Pay them a visit 7am-2pm Monday-Friday.  Cash only.

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  1. A fine burger. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it keeps me from missing In-N-Out, but one of the best around these parts.

  2. Does this place have any seating?

  3. Bruce, unfortunately there’s no seating.

    Definitely try their breakfast. The biscuits are HUGE and you can get fatback!

  4. i just had my first wimpys sausage and egg biscuit this morning and it was gigantic and really good. It had to be twice the size of Bo’s, Hardees or biscuitville, although a bit more expensive as well ($2.50 or so).

  5. Want, please!

  6. Wimpy’s and Merritt’s are proof that simple food can be good food.

    In case you don’t know about Merritt’s, it’s a grocery store in Chapel Hill that has the best BLT in the area. Don’t be tempted by anything on the menu other than the BLT though.

  7. I’ve never understood the foodie infatuation with the Merritt’s BLT. Pretty much the only way to fuck up a BLT is to skimp on the ingredients. Merritt’s doesn’t skimp, but I don’t think that justifies the six bucks and standing in a long line for something you can so easily replicate at home.

  8. Wimpy’s is a local treasure! I used to live very close by and could enjoy it on a regular basis, but have since moved a bit farther away. However the draw is irresistible and keeps me coming back.

  9. […] night), Guglhupf (lunch and especially breakfast), Hog Heaven, Thompsons (”soul food”), Wimpy’s (biscuits and burgers), and, on Saturday, ~$5 Vietnamese tofu special at Banh’s. Possibly […]

  10. […] competition, he’ll be hitting up two Durham spots on Tuesday, May 19, to film for his show:  Wimpy’s (617 Hicks St) at 10:30 am – 12:30 pm, and Backyard BBQ Pit (5122 NC Highway 55) at 5:30 […]

  11. I don’t understand the high praise for Wimpy’s burgers. They are no better IMO than, say, Cookout’s burgers. They should be praised for being a mom and pop operation that has continued to thrive despite being in a not so popular location but their burgers are just average.

    • Local v/s Chain

      I have never seen what’s all the hype over Cookout or Char-Grill any way.

      • I generally agree. For me, it’s almost impossible to beat a Five Guys burger, which for some reason taste twice as good as any other burger.

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