The Mint

We don’t normally post about high-end restaurants, and especially not ones in Raleigh. However, given the lively debate about The Mint (1 Exchange Plaza, Raleigh) coupled with my recent experience there with my girlfriend, I feel compelled to weigh in. In short, I agree with Varmint: The Mint is excellent.

I can’t vouch for their regular menu items, but they were able to put together a tasting menu with only 2 days notice and every single dish that came out of the kitchen was either very good or superb (and mostly the latter). This was possibly my favorite high-end meal I have had in the area, and it was certainly the most innovative. The ambience of the restaurant was great, and the service was literally flawless. Expensive? Yes, but worth every penny. Go! (Even if it is, unfortunately, in Raleigh.)

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  1. Hey!

    What’s with the “unfortunately” associated with the fine City of Raleigh?

    Sorry about the drive and all. And I do understand that your focus is on Durham. But I’d say that it’s good fortune indeed to have this restaurant in our area.

  2. We just like to give you a hard time. It is that entire “Raleigh-Durham” thing. You do indeed have a fine city, and the Mint is truly exceptional.

    Chapel Hill, on the other hand…

  3. […] is true, but in case it is, we can’t more strongly encourage that you go eat here.  We have briefly mentioned The Mint before.  It is excellent, and is probably the best restaurant in the Triangle.  Go and have the tasting […]

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