Fresh out of breakfast at Five Points Cafe

Besides pastries at Ninth St. Bakery, there isn’t much breakfast to speak of downtown (unless you guys know where to get it!), so I was excited to stop by Five Points Cafe (right next to Toast) see what they had to offer.

Unfortunately, Five Points Cafe isn’t quite the Foster’s lite experience I was hoping it would be. When I showed up at 8.30, the only items on the menu (which includes omelets, a mushroom fritatta, baked french toast, pancakes, and biscuits) that were actually available were omletes and french toast, which is to say they had eggs and bread in the kitchen. I asked what kind of bread they used for the french toast and he said “whatever they had on hand” – including rye (?) – which turned out to be bagged and presliced.

The bacon and swiss omelet ($7 with a muffin) was pretty rudimentary, served with a big wedge of underripe honeydew melon (YAR‘s favorite!), and it took about 15 minutes to come out, which is a long time considering I was one of two people there. They have scones and muffins too, but I’m absolutely certain the corn muffins are made with Krusteaz mix.

Judging by a single breakfast trip on what may have been an off day, Five Points Cafe has some issues to work out, two months after opening. I get the impression that it’s more of a lunch place, but for the time being the style of breakfast they’re offering, especially for the price, isn’t much competition for Nosh or Foster’s.  Can you guys vouch for their lunches?

Five Points Cafe (map)
Sunday – Saturday: 7 am – 3 pm

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  1. I can vouch for a very similar, underwhelming, experience with a Five Points Cafe lunch. As for breakfast downtown, don’t forget about Rue Cler. Their bakery serves breakfast and the bacon, egg and cheese sammich is blissful.

  2. Blue Coffee also has hot breakfast. You can get eggs, pancakes and other baked goods warm in the morning. They are pretty quick (7 minutes) and I usually can get it and eat before running to my office for a conference call.

  3. does blue coffe do breakfast on saturdays too?

    I was only mildly impressed by my lunch there, but it was something like their 2nd day open, so i forgave them.

    the cake lady does have fabulous cakes, bread pudding, and nanner pudding though…i’d go in there just for that.

  4. And Rue Cler has beignets too! Thanks for the reminders.

  5. Yep, Blue Coffee does breakfast on Saturdays. We recently had turkey sausage and eggs (usually a sandwich but I’m low carbing it) and pancakes that were decent. It’s not gourmet or chef created, more fill your guts simple, but hits the spot. I also noticed the Krispy Kreme display, but didn’t partake (damn those carbs!)

  6. had lunch here when it first opened (I work nearby)..not impressed. staff, quality of chicken sandwich. People I work close to have had similar experiences. I’d rather walk from downtown to Parker & Otis for a real sandwich.

  7. the chicken sandwich was just over the top chunky for me…

  8. […] Points has its high points and low points, but in case that photo doesn’t tell you everything you need to know, Blue Mountain […]

  9. It’s not downtown, but I HIGHLY recommend Gugelhuphf.

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