We have T-shirts!

Our friends at the local screen-printing company Loyal T-Shirts designed and printed some very hot Carpe Durham T-shirts for us–and for you, if you want one. They’re $13 each, plus a couple dollars extra if you want one mailed to you. (No, we are not making any money off of them.) If you’d like one, email Nick, nickw918 at gmail.com, and include what size(s) you’d like (we have men’s and women’s sizes, and the shirts are American Apparel). You can work out with him picking up/getting mailed the shirts.  Email soon, we only have a limited number of each size! I don’t have a photo of the shirt, but it is similar to the above graphic (of a historical Durham landmark, of course) on a dark gray background. Also, it’s hot!

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  1. […] still have some of those shirts left!  If you tried to get one when I posted about them before, you may have gotten lost in the shuffle and should try again.  Email carpedurham -at- […]

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