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As Kevin mentioned yesterday, Ox & Rabbit opens today at 10am and CarpeDurham was a bit early to the party.  Here’s the menu:


and the happy proprietors, Brian and Erin:

As you can see, the menu is limited to sodas and milkshakes.  An impressive array of gifts rounds out the store, which I’m imagining will sell better than the orthopedic shoes and home remedies offered by the former McDonalds Drug Store.

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  1. H&H visited Ox & Rabbit this morning just after it opened. It is a fine addition to the wonderful shops on Ninth Street. A great collection of Baby/Child, Housewares, Bath and Body products–Ox & Rabbit is smarter than your average bear. Absolutely hipper than most! There is a good chocolate selection (and they are adding more according to Brian). H&H was charmed to see the old refrigerated Whitman’s chocolate case that was original to McDonald’s Drug Store. We will be back for a shake and a soda. Also, there are many, many Durham mothers who recall McDonald’s fondly: it was the go-to place for a ‘castor oil cocktail’ whipped up by Mrs. McDonald (with an rx from your midwife or obstetrician, of course). Sure to jumpstart your labor with an overdue baby! Put Ox & Rabbit on your to-do list.

  2. so, do they carry actual sundries, daily needs, or just specialty/trendy stuff?…

    if nothing else, those 2 who run it look absolutely adorable and i cant see them bringing anything but good mojo to the place!

  3. How were the shakes?

  4. the soda fountain:
    i was ready to go try out the coke floats (actually a cherry coke float) at ox and rabbit yesterday. i just knew they were going to have them since they have a soda fountain. i was, however, slightly disappointed to find out that they could not serve me a coke float and it wasn’t even mentioned on their menu. The owner told me they didn’t have any spoons/scoops for the ice cream and they were planning to get some and add the floats to the menu. So, I opted for a plain, small cherry coke. It was yummy but my only complaint was there was no maraschino cherry in the cherry coke. next time i go in, probably tomorrow i will mentioned it.

    the gift shop:
    ox and rabbit is a super cute gift shop. i love it. it reminds me of one of my favorite gift shops in san francisco. i think they should get more stickers and some cool picture frames. i also hope they will be open a little later than 6pm – maybe 7 or 7:30? People could linger in there after dinner and buy sweet drinks and fun stuff.

  5. They might be interested to Know that michell e Lee of 305 South (RIP) is looking for retail locations to sell her handmade, and Durham Paraphernalia…(Durham Love Yourself, Durham Rucks, Durham bull, Etc)…

  6. yikes! ROCKS, not Rucks! lol

  7. to TSQ75:
    the dictionary definition of sundries is “miscellaneous small articles, details or items”. based on my visits to Ox & Rabbit, their non-drink inventory fits the definition quite nicely.

  8. *sigh* point lost, i give up lol

  9. The lavendar vanilla milkshake was delicious.

  10. TSQ75, if you are looking for sundries like Tide washing detergent or a pack of razors or Dove soap bars, then no. If you appreciate mild splurges like a scented bar of soap (reasonably priced at $4) or a nice hostess gift or a good chocolate bar or a pair of cufflinks for Father’s Day, then yes, you will find it at Ox & Rabbit. H&H

  11. Any reviews of the new spot? One of my friends went and didn’t have very positive comments… He still remembers the old MacDonald’s drugstore (sorry if I spelled it wrong, it was gone before my time)… so I’m wondering if he’s right or if it’s better than he said.

  12. Word on the street is the shakes are good but not exceptional.

  13. Really disappointed.

    This is just a sparcely stocked gift shop maquerading as a soda shoppe.

    I walked by this place for nine months anticipating it’s opening.

    The soda counter is just a gimmick. No real seating.

    The place has a confused identity.

    I won’t be back

  14. Wow, Steph. Harsh.

    I like it!

  15. You all are crazy.

    This place is absolutely amazing! Definitely worth the money. I love every single thing about it. I hope that it stays open!

  16. everyone is entitled Lindsay…

  17. I don’t think I’ll ever get the chance to go there– they close ridiculously early! I guess they’re fine with excluding everyone who works a 9-to-5 and goes out to dinner on 9th afterward.

  18. They need ice cream sundays.

  19. I went to Ox and Rabbit for the first and last time today. I was buying a going away present for a friend and found a nice Durham shirt with a bull on it. Then they charged me $22 bucks. I could understand if it was a multi-colored design on an American Apparel shirt. But this was a one color print, not the least bit elaborate, not that it matters, on a Gildan shirt, the cheapest shirt most screen printers offer. We’re talking an item that costs 6, maybe 7 dollars to make. $22? I struggle to make ends meet and I wanted to do something nice for a friend. I pride myself on shopping at local vendors. I walked out of the store feeling insulted. I will not go back there.

  20. good observation

    • Wouldn’t anyone the -least- bit fiscally challenged be scrutinizing price long before they find his/herself “insulted” at the register.

      Obviously this world is full of conspicuous consumption — I can spend all day linking to some 80$ one-color BAPE prints when you’re done playing victim on the internets.

      There’s some useful feedback on here, positive and otherwise, but this last post is a joke. :/

  21. That’s a very cute response, but it would have helped had you made the effort to conceptualize a lack of price tags on the merchandise. Do you get a discount for witty responses?

  22. I had both a vanilla and Mexican vanilla milkshake the other day. The standard vanilla milkshake wasn’t sweet and basically tasted like frozen milk. The Mexican vanilla (actually has vanilla bean added) was very good. They should really make the Mexican one the standard vanilla milkshake.

  23. […] Ox & Rabbit Soda and Sundries: 732 9th St, (919) 286-7850 If you’re a Design*Sponge lover then this is your shop – a mix of artfully-chosen home wares, gifts, baby accoutrements, and clothing. Following in the style of the previous longtime business McDonalds’ Drug Store, the soda fountain offers chilling and flavorful refreshment. Erin and Bryan, the young owners who are getting married this summer, have impeccable taste. […]

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